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What is the career prospect in AAT level 2 bookkeeping?

What is the career prospect in AAT level 2 bookkeeping?


If you’re new to finance and accounting and wondering how to get started in this field, this is a wonderful place to start.

If you want to establish your accounting firm, this is a wonderful place to start since it will demonstrate to prospective clients that you have the confidence to maintain their financial records.

From here, you might consider obtaining more AAT certification, which could help you advance your career by opening the door to positions such as Accountant, Auditor, Finance Team Leader, and so on.


Overview of the AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping Course


The Association of Accounting Technicians is highly known and acknowledged as a professional membership organisation in many industries. Its members are expected to maintain a professional and ethical attitude throughout their accounting and finance careers.


Manual accounting is the core of all accountancy and finance roles; thus, the AAT Foundation Certification in Bookkeeping is a good starting place for anybody seeking a career in accountant or finance.


Future Connect AAT courses will assist students in developing a solid foundation of bookkeeping knowledge and abilities required to work in accounting and finance or pursue higher-level bookkeeping or accountancy studies. The course is appropriate for individuals already working in finance, returning to work after a sabbatical or those who want to change careers.


What will you learn from the AAT level 2 bookkeeping course?

The AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping requires the completion of two basic units:


Transactions in Bookkeeping


Controls for Bookkeeping


These two modules will introduce you to double-entry bookkeeping, essential for preparing financial accounting records and statements. You will be able to double-check transactions for correctness, enter data into relevant books and ledgers, and compute sales invoices and credit notes.


You will also learn more complicated Foundation level bookkeeping operations, such as dealing with VAT, reconciliation, and trial balances. You will have a better knowledge of the relationships between accounting data.


Assessment and Certification


During weekly courses, your tutor will introduce you to the skills and information required for each unit, utilising a range of materials such as lectures, handouts, and e-learning through the college’s virtual learning environment.

Time in class will always involve answering practise questions to cement information, reinforced by home study. Most weeks, you will assign, and you will also need to study and go through questions in your textbooks. To enhance your chances of success, you must attend class regularly.

The AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping is assessed through online tests administered at various points during the course. Your evaluation will be graded as ‘capable’ or ‘not yet competent. At the completion of the examination, you will be notified of the results.


Entry Requirement:

There are no official entrance criteria for the AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping. To have the greatest chance of winning, students should have a good foundation in English and Math before commencing the course, with a GCSE at grade C and equivalent in both subjects.


Please clarify your case with the course tutor during your interview if you do not have official English and Maths qualifications.


Before enrolling in the course, any student who has been involved in bankruptcy procedures, IVAs, or other arrangements with creditors should contact AAT. Such agreements will not typically preclude you from studying AAT, but you may be unable to sit exams until the deals expire.


Objectives and Goals


The Foundation Diploma in Bookkeeping will provide you with the skills needed to get industry certifications that will allow you to work as an entry-level employee in any organisation’s accounts department, such as a Bookkeeper, Accounts Assistant, or Purchase Ledger Clerk.


This credential will not only provide you with practical knowledge of both manual and computerised bookkeeping procedures, but you will also receive essential hands-on experience with real-life scenarios throughout your AAT course. It means you can be confident in your ability to hit the ground running when it comes time to put your training into practice on the job.


Finance Alternatives


Our training is personalised to your needs whenever feasible. Our training programmes’ cost varies depending on the course(s) you select and is determined by duration and breadth. Rest assured that we have a variety of payment alternatives available to guarantee that the cost of training is accessible and that you can manage it around your other financial obligations.


AAT level 2 Jobs:

Accounting certification with an advanced diploma can lead to work as


Assistant in accounting


Supervisor of accounts payable and costs


Clerk for accounts payable


Accountant assistant


Examine the trainee




Credit manager


Assistant in Finance


Assistant in taxation



Many of our centres offer flexible payment plans to help you spread the cost; you can also pay in full.


Funded by the Company:


Requesting financing from your workplace does not have to be a difficult undertaking. Many firms promote and support their workers’ professional growth and consider it a valuable investment to pay for the necessary training.


What we Future Connect do for you:

  1. Providing a thorough training programme identifying learning objectives
  2. Personalised personnel letters
  3. Contacting finance departments to discuss payment options 




The AAT Level 2 accounting certificate will equip you for entry-level and junior accounting positions. You will be taught accounting and financial management from the bottom up. It will cover double-entry bookkeeping, costing concepts, and how to use accounting software. It is a classroom-based learning programme in which our qualified teachers work one-on-one with you. Our ongoing tutoring will assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to optimise your learning experience throughout Future Connect training and recruiting.


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