What To Do With The Ashes Of A Loved One?

The incineration is, for many reasons, an option that is gaining popularity in today ‘s society. However, family members mourning the loss receive the remainder of the cremation and must decide what to do with the ashes of a loved one.


The professional recommendation of psychologists, psychiatrists and content measurement is that the decision of what to do with the ashes of a loved one be made, whenever possible, before the moment arrives. Celebrationashes, Since when the death occurs, the events occur very quickly and the family members receive the cremated remains in the middle of their denial phase of mourning, which makes the moment and decision-making even more difficult, causing the environment more close to the deceased situations of pain and tension.

Although the possibilities multiply in an unexpected way, there are a number of basic and more popular alternatives to do with the ashes of a deceased.


Burying the ashes in a cemetery is so far the most common and also the most traditional way to deposit the remains of a loved one. Both the procedure and the procedure is similar to that carried out with a dead body, only that in the case of incineration it is carried out with the ashes.



They are specific niches for depositing cinerary urns. With the increase in demand for incineration, it is an expanding alternative, columbariums do not have to be located in cemeteries, although there are also. On the contrary, columbariums are beginning to be built in places such as gardens, spaces near the sea or the mountains to meet the demands and wishes of relatives and deceased.


Recreation in open spaces.

Many current and ancient cultures and religions contemplate this funerary rite of scattering the ashes of the dead in places such as the sea or the mountains. In its most current versions, there are people who want their ashes to be scattered in special places or with a lot of value or meaning to them, such as their childhood home, a special park, a river or even a football stadium.


There are many other possibilities such as keeping them in the house of the deceased, storing them in jewelry such as necklaces or rings, or even, among the most original, painting or ordering a painting to be painted with oils made up of a mixture of paint and ashes or decorative memorials. But these alternatives that give answers to the question of what to do with the ashes of a loved one, are so far the most demanded and are included among the main coverage of funeral insurance , which greatly facilitates the process and the decision to the relatives of the deceased, avoiding further suffering and facilitating grief.

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