What To Know About Internet Faxing

What To Know About Internet Faxing

Internet faxing is an increasingly used service, as traditional faxing has become obsolete. Virtual fax is a solution that combines the effectiveness and flexibility of email with the usual fax security. Internet Faxing, If you have doubts and it is not very clear what it consists of, here we leave you the main doubts and characteristics of this service.


What Is The Fax?

The fax began to be used in 1851 and it was a great advance in those days.

This way of sending documents has been very important for a long period of time since it allowed the sending of documents over great distances at those times when the Internet and e-mail did not yet exist.

The sending of the fax has traditionally been carried out using a specific fax machine and a telephone line. The traditional fax machine is composed of three elements (scanner, modem and printer) that allow the process of sending documents:

The scanner is responsible for converting the document into a digital image so that it can be sent later.

The document is sent over the telephone line and the modem is in charge of receiving said information.

The printer will be in charge of transferring the copy of the document to paper and finishing with the transmission of the information.


What to keep in mind when hiring an online fax service?

When hiring an Internet fax service, it will be important that a series of factors are taken into account in order to know which is the alternative that best suits the needs of the company.

The number of shipping pages that fall within the rate to be contracted. We must take into account the volume of shipping that we plan to make during the contracting period. There are companies that will give you a number of shipping pages within the rate, others that will charge you a price for each shipment and others that will offer you packages of pages.

The number of reception pages that they offer you when contracting a certain rate. Top fax, You can control the number of pages you send to a certain extent, but the number you receive cannot. You do not know the volume of fax pages that can be sent to you, so it is important to take this factor into account when hiring. There are companies that give you a certain number, that charge you for each page, that offer you packages of pages, which although it is an option always limits not knowing how much you are going to receive, and there are those that allow you to receive unlimited faxes, such as virtual fax .com, which undoubtedly takes away any problems and makes things easier for you.

Know what types of number to send fax documents to. When hiring a virtual fax, it is important to know what numbers we will be able to send the documents to. Not all companies allow faxing to 902 numbers or international numbers, while others do allow it and do not put limitations on you.


Advantages of Internet fax over traditional fax

Online faxing has many advantages over lifelong faxing. Likewise, it continues to maintain the security that it already had. These advantages are:

It is more economical . By hiring an Internet fax you forget about having to buy and / or maintain a fax machine and you will stop paying for the telephone line of this, since the number is in the cloud and you do not need it. In addition, by not having to print all the faxes you receive, you will save on ink and paper.

Simplify the process of sending and receiving faxes. Everything will become as easy as sending and receiving an email.

Provides greater flexibility . By being able to receive and send faxes from any device with an Internet connection, you will no longer have to depend on a fax machine and you will be able to access your documents wherever you are.

Increase privacy . When receiving the fax documents in an email account, only you will be able to see the document and it will not be visible to all the people who have access to the fax machine.

It does not communicate. In no case will the faxes stop arriving because your phone communicates, you will receive all the documents that they send you without problem.


What is the difference between online fax and email

It has been thought that with the appearance of email and the Internet, the fax would disappear, since with email you can send documents quickly and without the need to hire anything or pay. However, this has not happened and if it has, it is because the purpose for which the fax is currently used is not simply to send or receive a document, what is sought is security and certainty that the document being you have sent has actually reached the recipient, which you cannot know with e-mail.

How to send an Internet fax

Online faxing, as we have already said, simplifies the process of sending fax documents and provides flexibility to the procedure.

To send a virtual fax you will only need an email account, a device with an Internet connection, it does not matter if it is a mobile phone, a laptop, a tablet, and the document you want to send, preferably in PDF format. To send it you must send an email with the attached PDF document that you want to send by fax, as the recipient you must put the destination fax number followed by a tagline that the company will give you when you hire the service and in the subject field you must put a key for the shipment to be effective.

Once the email is sent, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt indicating whether the shipment has been correct and all the information about it.


How to receive an Internet fax

If sending fax documents was simplified with the use of online faxing, receiving makes it much more.

To receive a fax, you no longer have to go to your office, nor do you have to wait or depend on any fax machine. To receive a fax by email, you  only need a device with an Internet connection and an authorized email account to send the faxes to you. When someone sends a fax to your fax number, you will receive an email with the fax document that they have sent you attached to that email. It’s that easy, you won’t need to print it if you don’t want to and you can easily store them in your mail.


You can keep using your usual fax number

If you have a fax number that your clients or the people who send you fax already know, you can port the number with your virtual fax provider without any problem. In this way, you will also stop having to pay for the telephone line and its maintenance and you will only pay the fee for your online fax contract. If you do not have a fax number, when hiring the service you can request a new number for the province you want, without incurring a cost. The ownership of the numbers, whether ported or new, will always belong to the company or the person who contracted the service.

In addition, the person who sends or receives a fax from you will at no time be aware that you have an Internet fax and not a traditional fax, since the sending and receiving process will be exactly the same for them.

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