Nirav Tolia

Who is Nirav Tolia, the founder of Nextdoor? How rich is he?

NIRAV Tolia is an Indian-American entrepreneur who is famous as the founder of the company called NextDoor. Before this, he had established a company called Epini and also Fanbase. In 2021, NIRAV Tolia’s net worth was estimated at around $ 50 million.

Full NameNirav Tolia
Birth Date1973
Birth PlaceTexas
Relationship StatusMarried
Net Worth$50 million

Early Life

NIRAV’s parents are both from India. They came to America as immigrants and decided to settle in Texas. They even among the most early Indian doctors. In the early years, he was part of a community called Odessa which was a small town and the Indian-American community present there.

After completing his middle school education, Nirav went to Stanford. This is where he first gets access to technology even before the internet often occurs, he has a high-speed connection right in the dorm room. This will be the seeds through which he will make his own company because it is at the beginning of the internet here he is familiar with Usenet.Through Usenet, it can use something that can be attributed to the general Facebook GRUP today.

Nirav Tolia Net Worth and Career

During his stay in Stanford, he was also part of Cappella singing group where he started becoming an interpreter. This has become a fun activity for him and since he needed a corporate director, Nirav had the chance to manage the group. It was his first business experience and it was a success also successfully to increase their income.

The group even continued to win the grammée of Collegiate A Cappella was a great success that also stimulated his own trust. It was also during this period that he met the founders of Yahoo! Since they were looking for employees at the time, Nirav has become a good fit, even with his lack of relevant experience.

He entered the company very early and was the eighth employee there. He continued to work in the company because he failed more than 10,000 employees with Yahoo becoming one of the most recognized brands of the time. Nirav had a love for the process of creating something out of nothing.

That’s why he decided to explore his own ideas. Among his first initiations, it was a group he created called Round Zero who was a fully entrepreneurial community. It was a huge success.

He then created a company called Etinions during the era of the dot-com which took place at the time. The platform was mainly intended for electronic opinions via user-generated content. The company had difficult times when the dot-com bust took place with him who had to go through the difficult process to put employees.

However, the company was able to return after returning with eBay, buying the company a year later for a lower $ 620 million.

Personal Life

Nirav is married to his wife Megha. Together, they have three children together. Since both were in very demanding jobs, they had a deep discussion on their career. Looking at their career, they felt that if they continued to work like that, they would not be able to grow their children at all.

Thus, it is at this moment that the couple made the bold decision to take a long-standing sabbatical in Florence and taking advantage of time for their children.

Nirav Tolia Net Worth

Starting from 2021, Nirav Tolia has a net worth estimated at $ 50 million. The majority of its income comes from the company “Nextdoor”.

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