linear switches

Why do gamers use linear switches?

With different sensors, mice work better for different games. Some gamers prefer optical sensors because they work well on glossy surfaces and in daylight; other gamers prefer laser sensors because they provide more accuracy and tend to be better suited for slower-paced games. You might also like trackball mice which are great if you want more tactile feedback, but if you’re looking for a gaming mouse with both speed and accuracy then opt for a mouse with Best Linear Switches!

We know that, as a gamer, you are looking for a keyboard that will let you feel confident while playing the newest games and give you an edge over your competition. That is why we created our Zero Delay Gaming keyboard which features 50% faster keystrokes. But what’s more, is that they are also built with linear switches which provide smooth keystrokes and silent gameplay so you can stay stealthy and keep other players guessing your next move.

We wanted to create a keyboard that would be a joy to use and would provide excellent feedback for a gamer’s needs. There are only two minor differences between this keyboard and other keyboards you can find on the market: the key switches, which are linear, as opposed to tactile or clicky; and the fact that every keypress generates an electrical signal (N-key rollover).

There are so many advantages of using linear switches over traditional mechanical switches! Linear switches have a more consistent actuation force across the keypress giving them a more reliable feel than traditional mechanical key switches. They also generate less friction than traditional mechanical key switches which ensures faster actuation times, and improved control and accuracy during gameplay while reducing hand fatigue after extended periods of use.

These features combine to make this keyboard uniquely suited for gaming. It feels more responsive and it’s easier to control when playing games. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or somebody who enjoys gaming from time to time, this keyboard will give you an edge up over your competition.

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