Why do I feel inferior to my partner

Why do I feel inferior to my partner

A person who feels inferior to the partner will not only feel inferior to her but also to many more people. However, the couple’s bond is the best mirror we can have in which we can obviously see ourselves reflected easily. This is due to the degree of closeness that is generated with that person and the constant coexistence that is maintained. But why do you feel inferior to your partner? If you continually ask yourself this question, it is because that discomfort that feeling that way is generating is affecting you not only in the relationship area but also in other areas of your life. There are several reasons why you may be feeling inferior to your partner, however all of them have the same origin.

Why do I feel inferior to my partner

In this Psychology-Online article we will answer your question ” Why do I feel inferior to my partner? “ We are going to explain in detail the main reasons why you are feeling this way and finally we will give you a series of tips that will help you overcome that problem.

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Reasons why you may feel inferior to your partner

We are going to begin by describing the possible reasons why you may be feeling inferior to your partner and finally to explain in detail what is the origin of this feeling of inferiority that is not allowing you to achieve your maximum emotional well-being.

That your partner has a better job than yours. It may be that you feel inferior because your partner has a job that is better recognized by society, in which he earns much more money than you or a job in which he simply feels full and happy and you are extremely dissatisfied with yours.

That your partner is more attractive than you. Another possible reason is that you and / or other people tend to admire the attractiveness of your partner, focus on him (her) all the time and not on you.

That your partner is more independent. Some of the people who have partners who are more independent than they, may feel anxious and insecure, feeling that they need much more from their partner than their partner from them.

That your partner has more social skills than you. It usually happens that couples of people who know how to relate easily with others and the same does not happen to them, begin to feel insecure and inferior.

That you are idealizing your partner too much. This occurs especially in the phase of falling in love where the loved one is idealized in an exaggerated way, so that only their virtues are seen enlarging them and even seeing ones that they do not really have.

That your partner is an aggressive and insecure person. People who add their partner verbally and / or physically are people who are too insecure who, through their mistreatment, seek to make the other self-conscious, little by little destroying their self-esteem until they think that they are doing them a favor by being with them.

That your partner has a more stable family than yours. Noticing that in your partner’s family there is a better relationship as well as support and closeness, and in yours the opposite happens can also trigger this feeling of inferiority to appear.

These are some of the most common reasons why a person may be feeling inferior to the partner, however they all have the same psychological origin and it is the marked low self-esteem that the person has that feels inferior. All these aforementioned reasons can happen to anyone, however not all will react in the same way, not all will feel inferior despite having one or more of those reasons.

So to eliminate this problem, rather than working on each of the aspects mentioned to solve it, you have to work on increasing the self-esteem and self – confidence of the person who feels inferior.

Why I feel inferior to my partner – Reasons why you may feel inferior to your partner

How can I stop feeling inferior to my partner?

As mentioned above, low self-esteem is what causes this type of feeling to appear in oneself. Some useful tips to eliminate this feeling of inferiority towards your partner are the following:

Start working on increasing your self-esteem. For this, you can seek the help of a professional who will be in charge of analyzing your specific situation with you and will provide you with a series of guidelines and exercises that will help you start the process to improve your self-esteem.

Stop comparing yourself to your partner. It is necessary that you stop making comparisons with your partner, you should never be comparing yourself with her or with anyone. You must understand that each person is unique and is living what they have to be living for their personal growth, one cannot grow with what the other is experiencing. So every time you want to compare yourself with others, do it but in a positive way, that that person serves as motivation to achieve what you want but do not feel bad because you do not have what he or she is right now. You also have to take into account that everyone needs different things, so better focus on what you have and on improving yourself every day.

Identify where that feeling of inferiority comes from. If you feel inferior to your partner, surely this feeling was familiar to you in the past, where does the feeling of inferiority towards your partner come from? What other people have you ever felt inferior to? Why? It is good to do a detailed analysis and discover the origin of that feeling of inferiority that does not leave you calm and once it is done you have to be more objective, you will realize that this feeling has no reason to be.

Remember how much you are worth. Just because you exist, you are worth a lot as a person, just like everyone else. You have a personal obligation to assert your rights and respect yourself, if you do not respect yourself, no one else will.

Stay away from people who don’t value you. You do not have to endure abuse from your partner because no one has the right to undervalue you and make you feel bad. The person who mistreats you and / or makes you feel less only shows how little love they have for themselves.

Accept and value what you have. Whether you have a less functional family than your partner’s, a job where you don’t feel comfortable or are earning less, you don’t find yourself as attractive to others, etc.

You have to learn to accept and value those differences because you are in the situation where you have to be and always, even if it seems very uncomfortable and / or negative, it will leave you a great lesson and it will bring something good for you. If you can do something to improve your situation, do it, but remember to do it out of your own conviction.

Your partner is with you for something. It is clear that if your partner has chosen you over all other people, it is for something. Surely your partner can see how valuable you are, you just need to realize it.
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Why do I feel inferior to my partner? conclusion

Finally, the answer to the question: “why do I feel inferior to my partner?” It lies in the fact that the person suffers and surely from before being with the couple already suffered from low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem cannot see in themselves the valuable aspects of their person that they have, they find it difficult to even believe that another person can be by their side and any reason (apparently of value, which is what they give them) is enough for them to increase that insecurity in themselves and therefore that feeling of inferiority.

For a person who has good self-esteem, there is no reason to feel inferior to his partner, on the contrary, if he does well or better than her in one or more aspects, this will cause him joy and enjoyment but he will never feel self-conscious about the achievements and benefits that the loved one has.

Why do I feel inferior to my partner – Why do I feel inferior to my partner? conclusion

How can I stop feeling inferior to my partner

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