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Agile Premium Finance is an agile, data-driven company that makes it easy to obtain financing for your insurance premiums. When you take advantage of our insurance premium finance program, you’ll be able to cover your insurance premiums faster and get to enjoy the coverage you deserve sooner rather than later. We’re here to help, so contact us today and let us show you how we can make premium finance simple, fast, and convenient!

What is agile premium finance?

The Agile Premium Finance  is our relentless dedication to securing capital, minimizing risk and improving cash flow that sets us apart from other Agile Premium Finance providers. We pledge to do whatever it takes to get our customers back in business quickly so they can focus on what they do best providing outstanding customer service and making a difference in their communities. To make sure we keep our promises, we operate at every level with transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Agile Premium Finance Our simple, streamlined process allows you to complete an application in minutes and provides instant approval for loans up to $500,000 within 1-2 days. We never need 3rd party confirmation of your insurance status like some insurers do because we already have all of your policy information at hand. Learn how quick an Agile Premium Finance solution can be right here.

Reducing monthly payments means reducing stress as well. Working within parameters that work for everyone puts everyone in control of their financial destiny again. An  solution can reduce your regular expenses, let you get back to your family and help increase your profits, which is especially helpful if you are a contractor or small business owner.

Taking advantage of flexible payment terms increases cash flow and helps ensure future growth opportunities are realized. As an Agile Premium Finance customer, flexibility is important to us and so we’re committed to providing it when it comes to payment terms for new loans.

Your flexibility is our number one concern at  Premium Finance as well. So you will never have any obligations to your lender if you decide that working with agile isn’t right for you anymore just pay off your balance as agreed on any terms and conditions set forth by your contract and that’s is your financial freedom is restored without having any extra strings attached to it. We offer nonrecourse factoring services because we know our business relies on satisfied customers making smart decisions about their financial situation.

The biggest advantage of an Agile Premium  solution lies in its simplicity and low overhead costs, which allow us to pass these savings onto our customers. There are no upfront fees or prepayment penalties like other businesses may impose, so there are no hassles or hoops to jump through.

We keep costs low by doing things differently than everyone else every process is streamlined, every person knows exactly what they need to do next, every action taken is efficient and every customer matter or detail handled becomes part of a larger whole: a finely tuned business machine.

How Agile Premium Finance Works

Many people are confused about how insurance premium finance works. It’s easy to understand, though. Agile Premium Finance issues a tax-free loan that helps you pay your premiums each month while ensuring that you never miss another payment due to unexpected expenses. Instead of lumping large payments together at one time, you can make monthly installments and not worry about missing out on protection just because money is tight.

And unlike other types of loans, Agile Premium  does not require private mortgage insurance (PMI) or extra interest charges for missed payments or paying early! There are no prepayment penalties so if you have an unexpected expense, it’s easy to pay off your loan balance early with no extra fees. This allows you to adapt your family’s lifestyle with more flexibility than ever before. These features make Agile Premium  a great option for anyone who:

Is already insured, but paying high rates Wants coverage through a major carrier but needs help paying for it,  Wants coverage through a non-traditional provider such as Medicare; Needs additional coverage’s, has been previously declined by traditional financing providers. Relying on unsecured lines of credit like credit cards or auto title loans; Looking to protect their assets from further loss during tough times like divorce, job loss, disability or natural disaster damage, and more! No matter why you are looking for insurance premium finance, we are here to help.

We’ll let you know if you qualify and answer any questions you may have. Protect your family today with Agile Premium. It’s fast, secure and convenient to apply online for loan eligibility.

Is premium financing safe?

Yes. In fact, Agile Premium  is so safe that many banks and finance companies offer it as an alternative source of loans for those without perfect credit scores. Many customers with damaged credit find themselves with no option but to pay cash upfront on big purchases, like expensive cars or yachts. With insurance premium financing, you can borrow a percentage of your premium cost up front and then pay off that loan over time usually 24 to 36 months.

CCM in finances   Some borrowers even get 6-month interest-only payments that cover their deductible costs! This makes it possible for everyone even those with less than stellar credit scores to purchase new boats, RVs, motorcycles or automobiles and spread out payments comfortably.

It’s easy to see why millions of Americans have used premium financing in recent years. It has become one of America’s fastest growing industries. Agile is proud to play a role in helping our country’s small businesses and families be able to afford great vehicles.


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