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American Health Imaging Expands to Decatur

American Health Imaging, a local provider of medical imaging services, has recently expanded its service area to include the city of Decatur. This means that if you live in or around Decatur and need an MRI, ultrasound, CT scan, or another type of imaging, you can now have it performed right in your own community. If you are suffering from back pain or another serious condition and want to learn more about the imaging procedures offered by Health Imaging and how they might help you recover from or manage your condition, contact them today to schedule an appointment.

American Health Imaging Opens New Facility:

The American Health Imaging opening in 2003, American Health  has been providing imaging services in and around Atlanta. The provider recently announced a new location at which they will be offering medical imaging exams.

Their Decatur facility is located near local medical offices, hospitals, and outpatient facilities. This is an opportunity for residents of nearby neighborhoods such as Morningside Heights and North Decatur to receive high-quality healthcare more conveniently than ever before.

We’re excited about bringing our next level of services to residents of these areas, said CEO William Wilcox of Health Imaging LLC. The city has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and nightlife; there’s no reason why its inhabitants shouldn’t have access to affordable healthcare too. Our goal is to serve all communities in metro Atlanta by improving their quality of life through health management solutions and compassionate care.

Our team at American Health Imaging is happy that we can now provide our services even more easily to patients living in Decatur area. So far everyone we’ve encountered in town seems very friendly and eager to take advantage of our affordable prices. There are lots of nice restaurants here so I think it makes sense that people want good food combined with health screenings.

The mission of American Health Imaging is simple, To help people live healthier lives by improving quality of care and lowering costs associated with healthcare procedures. We accomplish this mission every day thanks to years of hard work and research from a dedicated staff that are committed to ensuring excellent service for every client regardless of financial standing or insurance type.

Since making our first strides over ten years ago, we’ve grown into one of the leading providers in Georgia today. But don’t just take my word for it! Look around online or visit us on Face book and see what others have had to say regarding our services here at AHI.

For example, check out these great reviews left on Yelp, they speak volumes about how we’ve been able to provide great health solutions at affordable prices while still maintaining professionalism and high-quality customer care throughout. Our expertise when it comes to mammograms shouldn’t be ignored either; getting screened regularly is a vital part of living healthily so consider having your next mammogram exam done here at AHI’s women’s imaging center in Norcross.

Do You Need a Mammogram? Many women believe breast cancer screenings aren’t necessary because their family histories are free of breast cancer or because they haven’t experienced any symptoms. However, there is no way to definitively determine if a woman has breast cancer without undergoing screening tests such as MRIs and CT scans. When performed correctly and overseen by experienced radiologists, both ultrasound exams may detect early signs of breast cancer where traditional mammograms would fail.

American Health Imaging Expands Service Offerings:

American Health Imaging, a leading health imaging company in Illinois, recently announced that it has opened a new branch in Decatur. The decision came after repeated requests from local doctors and hospitals for American Health Imaging services. We have been providing excellent service and care throughout our current areas of operation, said John Quahmali, president of  Health Imaging. Expanding is a logical next step for us.

We want to keep our customers happy by providing comprehensive medical imaging services.  It was no easy task finding a location we could move into without skipping a beat. After looking at several locations we’ve selected an ideal space on Highway 51 just north of downtown Decatur. This location puts us closer to existing clients while also giving residents in southern Macon County access to more convenient access to high quality imaging care. Keep an eye out for grand opening details later this month.

Our residents have welcomed with open arms. In fact, several hospitals and doctors are already asking us when they can expect to start using their services! Here’s hoping that  Ultra Health will set roots down here in Decatur and become a fixture of our business landscape. A big part of what drives strong business growth is making smart decisions about where your company chooses to expand to next.

For example, you wouldn’t buy a house if you don’t like the neighborhood right? Same thing goes for an office space or even retail location, after all that’s your brand image. So how do you find good locations? If you’re searching for commercial real estate near me, ideally you want prime areas of commercial real estate and avoid those troublesome spots that could hurt your image.

American Health Imaging Adds New Services:

At Health Imaging, we’re committed to providing our patients with access to a variety of medical imaging options. That’s why we’ve partnered with Quest Diagnostics and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield – PPO to provide local residents with even more services. Patients in and around Decatur can enjoy quick and convenient access to quality diagnostics services, including mammograms and ultrasounds, at no cost or obligation.

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