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America’s First Finance | How to Serve The Credit Constrained

Essentially, the goal of America’s First Finance AFF is to offer an affordable financing option to credit constrained consumers who are struggling to pay for household goods and services. To this end, America’s First Finance AFF has created an online platform that allows merchants to connect with consumers looking to make larger purchases than they could normally afford through traditional payment mechanisms such as credit cards or loans.

America’s First Finance| How does it Work?

As a merchant, you receive your own proprietary card reader that will accept all credit and debit cards. Accepting payments is easy. We also offer free software to track and reconcile payments—and we’ll even help with training. Once we receive a payment, it takes only minutes for us to deposit funds into your bank account.

If a customer doesn’t have enough funds on their prepaid card to cover their purchase, they can use cash or another form of payment at no additional cost. And our pricing is simple and transparent we don’t charge any monthly fees or per-transaction charges. For customers, using AFF is just as convenient as using cash.

So whether its movie tickets or gas station convenience store purchases, paying by card has never been easier. It’s easy for merchants to join AFF since there are no contracts or long-term commitments required. Only Member Payments Prohibited from Use on America’s First Finance Cards Are Casino Wagering Transactions, Wire Transfers & Cash Advances Where Approved Funds Must Be Deposited Into an Account Within 10 Days After Such Transfers.

Its parent corporation, officers, directors and employees do not provide financial advice in connection with these services and are not licensed brokers or investment advisors. This information does not constitute investment advice,  it relates solely to one or more financial products that may be offered by affiliated third parties named herein.

Can you pay off American first finance early?                                                        

Paying off a loan early is also referred to as prepaying, and there are a few reasons you might want to do so. America’s First Finance One common reason is that you can get your loan paid off sooner if you receive an unexpected lump sum of money, like an inheritance or settlement from a lawsuit. In addition, paying off loans in full saves you from paying interest over time. If you have only one loan with American first finance, paying it off now will make future borrowing less difficult because you’ll avoid building up a new credit history when taking out new loans.

Finally, it may look better to lenders (and even qualify you for lower rates) if you pay off existing debt quickly credit scoring models typically prefer short histories of active borrowing rather than longer histories of infrequent use.

If your business isn’t able to pay back money on time, there are some strategies for reducing penalties and/or late fees. You can try contacting creditors ahead of time about deadlines and payment dates so they know what kind of notice to expect from you. In addition, as a business owner you should already be regularly reviewing reports to make sure no one is abusing company credit cards or accounts.

By remaining vigilant in general, you’ll be better prepared to catch problems as soon as they start. However, even if it’s too late for those measures and something has gone wrong with payments from your company account, remember that everyone makes mistakes once in a while including creditors. Also keep in mind that businesses routinely have good reasons even ones beyond their control) for needing more time than originally planned when making payments.

So long as there are valid reasons for missing a deadline, don’t hesitate to reach out to creditors before any consequences come into play. After all, many companies recognize that your ability to take care of debts will help them in return down the road; especially since most companies depend on timely repayment themselves.

You can also refinance America’s First Finance.  Refinancing a loan helps you restructure debt by taking out another loan at better terms. For example, if you want lower interest rates or shorter-term repayment periods, refinancing could help reduce both costs and risk. Or perhaps you need extra cash flow immediately but aren’t comfortable drawing down an asset like a house equity line of credit just yet?

Who is the owner of American First Finance?

America’s First Finance is a point-of-sale payments technology company serving credit constrained consumers in America. Founded by entrepreneurs who understand both how to use technology and how to build an organization,

AFF has quickly become a leader in providing innovative solutions that help their partners serve their customers better, faster and easier at a lower cost than anyone else. In just 3 years AFF has grown from 1 office and 4 employees to 9 offices and 70+ employees across 2 states (CA & TX). This growth trajectory is ahead of even their most aggressive plans due to overwhelming customer demand for what they provide. From its leadership team on down, Local Finance is more about people than it is about technology.

Technology is important, but we’re not overly focused on it or any particular piece of software; our focus is first and foremost helping our clients succeed and grow. Our goal isn’t to be one of many options in a growing sector; instead, we want to be recognized as THE choice when your customers need you most.

We have a unique way of looking at things differently challenging preconceived notions – which has helped us quickly establish ourselves as leaders in our field because we can offer comprehensive solutions for all aspects of our clients’ businesses including marketing strategies and payment acceptance systems not typically available from other providers.

America’s First Finance We are committed to being reliable and consistent with every client relationship – answering calls/emails promptly and offering transparency into account setup timelines so you can schedule resources appropriately. We also recognize no two businesses or clients are alike, and we work diligently to discover those individual needs and find solutions that work best for each customer.

Finally, given that our core business is working closely with other merchants/merchant services providers within a given industry segment, we realize how important it is to operate ethically and within legal parameters while building lasting professional relationships with them. It’s our commitment to ethical conduct coupled with reliability that separates us from everyone else in our market space as we do NOT employ underhanded tactics used by some others in our industry.

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