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Anime Eyes | The Not-So-Secret Signifier of Innocence

Many Anime Eyes characters are innocent and untainted by the cruelties of the world, but one of the easiest ways to tell if this will be the case is if their eyes are large and expressive with big pupils and irises. This isn’t an official rule—but it’s certainly something to keep in mind if you’re looking for more innocent protagonists! If you want to see which characters have these eyes, check out this list of anime characters with big eyes?

What Anime Eyes Say About Their Owners:

Anime Eyes
Anime Eyes

The Anime Eyes characters with big eyes are often seen as pure, innocent and honest in nature. Because their eyes are so large, it is hard for them to lie; their honesty is usually apparent to anyone who meets them. However, just because a character’s eyes are big does not mean they are any less capable of evil acts than other characters. A good example of characters like these can be found in Neon Genesis Evangel ion. Asoka has incredibly expressive that make her look very innocent on the outside but she is a very defensive, prideful and nasty person inside.

Dilated pupils indicate fear or shock. They can also occur if someone finds something particularly interesting or exciting. Characters with dilated pupils may try to hide emotions such as fear and disgust by putting up walls or putting on a brave face. Keep your eye out for telltale signs of inwardly raging fear such as perspiration, trembling limbs, mumbled speech and avoidance of certain subjects altogether even though outwardly they seem calm on surface level.

How to Get Anime Eyes:

Using Anime Eyes isn’t as hard as you think. There are two main ways to achieve them through circle lenses or through makeup and contacts. With makeup, you’ll want to use at least a couple of colors: one dark brown for the outer parts of your eye, followed by a lighter color in the middle, like gold or light brown. For contacts, they typically come in black or grey and sometimes blue they have large pupils so that you don’t have to worry about having big natural ones.

Anime Eyes Though they can be very expensive and are not all that comfortable on your eyes since they’re bigger than regular contacts, they’re a lot easier to use and once you get used to them, you won’t even notice there’s anything on your eyes. Anime Eyes Another good thing is that some co players wear colored contacts because it helps their costumes look more accurate.

Just like with makeup, though, if you are sensitive to certain types of contact lens you should avoid getting entirely. When trying out these methods remember to do small sections at a time and go back over any mistakes before moving on; doing it in sections makes it much easier to fix mistakes without ruining your whole look! Aside from using makeup and/or contacts to create  don’t forget to play around with other aspects of your face, too.

Some commonly used accessories include flower clips that are worn near each ear (for girls) or directly into hair (for guys), high ponytails and long bang covering part of your forehead. Those little things help complete an anime comply and make it unique from everyone else’s! While many people have already mastered how to create naturally, Anime Eyes others may find their own way of making these stand out-whether through colored contact lenses or specific accessories–that works best for them. No matter what approach you choose to take when creating cute or beautiful characters’ eyes realistically, just remember: practice makes perfect.

Why anime eyes are so cute:

Anime Eyes Our brains are hardwired to be drawn to big eyes, and anime-style cartoons take advantage of that by drawing large, round pupils and dark irises. But when looking at real faces, our brain isn’t just looking for large eyes; it also looks for strong jaw lines, high cheekbones and a straight nose.

These traits work together to signal dominance or aggressiveness in a person. So if you see someone with soft, innocent . Well they might seem innocent on first glance, but once you get to know them you might realize that they’re actually cold blooded killers, It’s all about perception really.

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