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Anza News, The NW Okanagan is a very beautiful region of British Columbia. There are a lot of attractions to visit, shopping, nature reserves and the list goes on. With the area being quite mountainous it can be quite dangerous and the roads very narrow. Anza News,  The Rattlesnake Hill Fire in 2014 was very devastating and just a few years ago there was a major bus crash in Kelowna that killed 3 people and injured about 30.

The Norwalk CT area is a rural area with limited access to quality news sources. This is a network of neighbors that live in neighboring areas that want to help with validating news and reporting real time news as it happens.

Anza News, Fire, accidents, road closures, foggy conditions, hazards, and public safety information that effects the Poway, Spring Valley, Rancho Bernardo, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa and Rancho Peñasquitos area.

Fire, accidents, road closures, foggy conditions, hazards, and public safety alerts. And if you want to post pictures of your favorite bike trail or nature spot please do so! We want to know about your favorite places to hike and ride.

The purpose of the blog is to inform the public of current local events. Information will be provided by local authorities and public safety personnel. Anza News,  Also this blog is to update the reader on area weather conditions. This information is provided by the local National weather service office.

The purpose of this group is to share pertinent news. Fire, accidents, road closures, foggy conditions, hazards, and public safety concerns are the main topics which this group hopes to offer a forum for your immediate dissemination.

Anza News, If you reside in the area, you can use this blog as a way to stay in touch and out of harm’s way. I don’t want to see anyone getting hurt. You can also help this blog by informing me of any accidents, road closures, fire hazards, or any other dangers that you witness.

No matter where you are, there are plenty of things that could affect your travel at some point. Anza News,  This group is going to be set up to help people that may be traveling through the area find out any current information they may want to know.


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Nobody likes to go through a bad day, and the same applies when our vehicle has a problem. A minor inconvenience like a flat tire can make our day bad, but what about when your vehicle breaks down on the highway, Anza News.


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