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Ballard News

Ballard News, This blog will look at what it’s like to work in the newspaper industry and the daily tasks that are performed. In addition to being the official paper of record for Ballard, the News-Tribune is a member of the City of Seattle’s Sustainability Program.

Ballard News, The paper also runs the website The paper has been in publication since 1902. The Ballard News-Tribune is one of the premier community-based newspapers in the northwest United States. It has a circulation of approximately 20,000 readers. The newspaper has been covering the neighborhood since 1899 and the community is an integral part of the publication.

Chef Dace and Jon Hiller, owner of Ballard News-Tribune, bring you this blog on their website to discuss current events, local politics and relevant issues in the Seattle area.

Ballard News:

The Ballard News, Tribune is a weekly newspaper serving the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle and the greater northwest Seattle area. The Ballard News-Tribune is published each Thursday with a circulation of 13,500 copies and is a member of the Association of Alternative News media. The Ballard News, Tribune is a local newspaper, telling the stories of the greater northwest Seattle area from a unique local perspective.

The Ballard News, Tribune is dedicated to the community in the Ballard neighborhood. You can look forward to a range of topics and discussions as well as a forum of ideas. The Ballard News-Tribune allows local community members to voice their opinions on various topics that affect the neighborhood. On their blog, they published a post about crime in the neighborhood and how they are trying to curb it.

We cover local news and events, write profiles of local businesses, and take an in-depth look at issues that affect the community. We publish every week of the year, and our print edition is distributed in the Ballard neighborhood. For the past 95 years, the News-Tribune has been providing the community with local news, information and entertainment while maintaining a reputation for in-depth coverage of Seattle politics.

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