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The Best Black Anime Characters of All Time

The best Black anime character prove that beauty and strength come in all shades, from Ebony to Ivory and everything in between. Anime characters are always getting ranked on lists like these, but as far as we know, no one has ever compiled an extensive list of the best black anime characters before this one. Read on to see who made the cut! If there’s someone missing that you think should be here instead, don’t be shy about telling us about it in the comments section.

Top 6 Black Anime Characters:

Black anime characters are usually defined by their dark skin. They may or may not have African heritage. You’ll find a lot of in fantasy and adventure series, like Black Butler, Soul Eater and Yu YuHakusho. This is probably because these series often feature mysticism, magic and supernatural forces. Many characters also appear in more modern settings as well, like Baccano or Welcome to the N.H.K! If you’ve never seen an anime with a main character who’s black, you’re missing out on some amazing stories! Check out our top 6 picks for characters right here.


black anime character
                            black anime character

If a hero is defined by his enemies, then LelouchLamperouge has got to be one of anime’s greatest heroes. Code Geass ’ anti-hero protagonist makes our list of characters due to his level of depth as a character and his balance between good and evil. Most important, though, is that he serves as a very real example of what it means to persevere in spite of some pretty intense circumstances. If you’re having trouble getting out from under your oppressive control system or taking down an equally oppressive empire, just remember: You too can use mind control to have your brother killed in order to give yourself a false sense of purpose.

Edward Elric:

Edward is one half of anime’s ultimate friendship. He and his brother Al, also on our list of Black anime characters, make up arguably one of anime’s most iconic pairings. Edward started as a bratty kid with an inferiority complex, but grew to become a strong leader and responsible adult who managed to overcome his greatest flaws: pride and obsession. His character arc resonates with viewers because Edward reflects so many people—especially teenagers—who may not yet have found their purpose in life but know they have some serious growing up to do before they find it. And oh yeah, he can also turn himself into a giant metal suit.


One of Tokyo Ghoul’s strongest characters and also one of its most tragic, ShuuTsukiyama a Black anime character, is a prime example of what it means to be human. Despite his ghoul half making him a monster by many standards, he still strives to maintain his humanity. The result is someone who shows plenty of empathy for others even though he knows that such actions may not always be in his best interest. Plus, there’s something about that mopey attitude that we just can’t help but find endearing.


Ciel is a popular young boy who is also one of Tokyo’s most powerful people. He has made a number of enemies in his rise to power and must defend himself on a daily basis. As such, he’s become a crack shot with any weapon imaginable—but we love him best with twin pistols and an umbrella that doubles as a sword. He’s an incredibly cool black anime character to watch in action and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Levi Ackerman:

Levi is an anti-hero that comes off cold and unfeeling, but there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. He may be cruel at times, but he’s a skilled fighter with a strong sense of morality. In short, he’s a great example for those who wish to lead by example. This strength in character quality makes Levi one of amine’s best black characters ever.

And Finally, Our Number One Black Anime Character Is:

RyukoMatoi from Kill la Kill (2013-2014) makes to the top of our list of characters. What We Loved About Her Ryuko is one part Goku, one part Thor, and 100% badass. She’s an incredibly well-developed character who uses both brawn and brains to solve her problems. That’s not something you see often in anime characters, particularly women, so it’s easy to see why she tops our list of  Anime Girl Who Are Your Top Picks?

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