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Best Racing Games Of All Times

Best Racing Games Of All Times

Video games, as we know them, have only been around for a few decades, with the former barely qualifying as video games by modern standards. However, in that time, hundreds of thousands of titles have been released.

One of the great things about games, aside from the sheer number of options, is that there are game types for just about any type of player. Best racing games of all time, If you want something to exercise your brain, there are puzzle games. If you like big budget cinematic action, there are games so beautiful and great that they are often better than watching movies. If you want to immerse yourself in a multitude of strange and unusual worlds, there are virtual reality titles. But the genre that we will cover this time around is one that is very close to all car and adrenaline lovers, of course we are talking about the 20 best racing video games of all time.

The following titles are perfect for everyone from modern car enthusiasts to old school arcade lovers.



However, it wasn’t until EA’s acquisition of the franchise in 2004 that the series really became a reality. Combining fast-paced racing with combative elements, these games rewarded players with high speeds useful for eliminating their opponents by throwing them off the track or into traffic, adding a competitive element not found in many other franchises. F95Zone,  The most prominent title of this series and the first to integrate elements of the open world was Burnout Paradise, which was then remastered and relaunched in 2018. In fact, its success eventually resulted in EA turning to Criterion to develop a title for another franchise on this list, Need for Speed .

Original Release: 2001

Latest Release: 2018

No. of Titles: 8

f95 zon
f95 zon


And while Crash Team Racing was not – not for a joke – as popular as Mario Kart , it was actually quite a spectacular game and even had some features that surpassed those of its rival franchise. F95 Zone, Including an equally colorful cast of characters taken from the Crash Bandicoot universe, this quirky kart racing game, called CTR for short, would develop a cult following and near-legendary status among Sony loyalists. In fact, it was recently remastered and relaunched for 2019 under the name ofCrash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled with updated graphics, mechanics, and some new additions such as competitive online pay and some customization.

Original Release: 1999

Latest Release: 2019

No. of Titles: 2

f95 zonee
f95 zonee


The first title on our list that doesn’t fit the traditional definition of a “racing game,” Crazy Taxi first stood out as an arcade title that operated on a race-against-the-clock premise, where players served customers on a semi-open map. F95 Zon, The original release, which came out in 1999, was only playable on arcades, however it was ported to the Dreamcast console shortly after in 2000, once Sega realized the success it had on its hands. It has since seen six other sequels across different platforms, including the Game Boy Advance, and has even teased a Crazy Taxi Idle Tycoon business management simulator (similar in name and functionality to the Roller Coaster Tycoon ).

Original Release: 1999

Latest Release: 2017

No. of Titles: 7

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