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Top 8 Benefits of Working At CIC health?

CIC health is an American real estate services company which bills itself as a community of entrepreneurs. Founded in 1981, it operates in 11 locations in the United States, and one location in Canada. The company manages office space, co working spaces, meet up rooms, conference rooms, and business incubation services at their facilities.

Introducing CIC Health:

The CIC health is a membership organization that runs numerous programs, facilities, and events geared towards supporting innovation in Cambridge. We are here to make starting and growing your business easier by providing you with access to capital, resources, mentorship, and collaboration from some of Boston’s most talented entrepreneurs. The more we grow as a community, city and region will benefit from an economy driven by innovators solving important problems—and hopefully creating innovative products along the way.

We have space for rent: For over 20 years, CIC has been providing top-notch office spaces for startups and established companies alike.  Our members get free admission to our facility: As a member of CIC Health you will receive free daily entry into our building when using one of your badges. Excellent networking opportunities.

Connecting with fellow entrepreneurs can be tricky, but many companies have introduced their product/service by talking directly to other members on our co-working floor. This valuable time can help accelerate development plans or simply provide feedback on ideas you may have not yet fully fleshed out.

Use cutting edge technology tools like Apple TV, Microsoft Kindest, iPods and various gaming consoles if you need to test something quickly. Just remember to give back after you’ve finished using them! 7: A chance to pitch your idea onstage. CIC health hosts an annual startup competition open only to finalists who are currently working on a company within their walls.

If selected, participants stand a chance at winning some cash prizes while getting valuable feedback from judges. Participants must pay an entrance fee in order to enter.  We host popular events each month.

Our event calendar is full of great conferences and talks covering everything from graphic design to fundraising basics hosted by successful entrepreneurs who want nothing more than to share their knowledge with others who are seeking guidance. Featuring panel’s discussions, expert speakers and even live demos.

Benefits of CIC Health Company:

The CIC health is an American real estate services company which bills itself as a community of entrepreneurs. Founded in 1994, it owns and operates large office buildings primarily in Kendall Square  and in Manhattan’s Shoo neighborhood. CIC offers its members many resources to support their work, including high-speed Internet connectivity, office equipment and furniture, conference rooms and common areas; it also hosts community events such as guest speakers and educational seminars. The organization has been described as one of Boston’s most successful start-up incubators.

There are a lot of perks to being part of CIC health because they will help you find space and amenities that can help your business grow. The amount you spend on rent may be more expensive than if you were renting alone but they offer amazing discounts on photocopying, faxing, printing, internet use and even food so when money gets tight it’s nice to know these options are out there. It feels like people who work here are family so that helps with camaraderie and collaboration. You have access to other professionals from across all industries which are great for networking opportunities.

They provide workshops and seminars on topics such as negotiating fees, job searching skills, social media marketing and blogging for businesses just to name a few.

An idea isn’t worth anything until you take action and start making progress; failure is part of growing into success giving up is not an option here because everyone has each other’s back we tend to all cheer each other on no matter what stage we’re in our entrepreneurial journey.

People working here appreciate good work ethics – when someone does something particularly awesome or helpful their peers rally around them making their jobs easier especially when tasks get tough or tedious. Having a community of entrepreneurs gives you an instant support system they want to see each other succeed, so we help each other out in any way possible.

How Does It Work?

What better way to ensure that your own startup is successful than by surrounding yourself with similarly successful businesses. When others are commuting into New York or San Francisco for work each day, take advantage of access to leading universities like MIT, Harvard and Tufts. You’ll also never miss a beat meeting people around town who are sure to become future partners and clients thanks to prime location right across from Technology Square, where all things Tech converge.  Revival Animal Health Building amenities are numerous, so that you’re always looking forward to heading into work rather than wondering if there will be a coupon waiting under your desk chair.

There’s a kitchenette located on every floor that comes fully equipped with microwave ovens, refrigerators, coffee makers and hot water dispensers. Need to host an important presentation? One Central Place includes seven conference rooms ranging from 50 square feet up to 450 square feet available free of charge.

A 15% discount is available for those who book three rooms together at once! Head down four levels to 2nd street market place and pick up lunch for everyone after presenting in any of our large Conference Rooms located downstairs.

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