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Confluent Health and Physical Therapy:

Confluent Health and Physical Therapy will focus on creating the best overall experience to the clients who require their services. We’re passionate about this, and we hope you’ll come visit us soon! If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Story behind Confluent Health:

The Confluent Health is a health care conglomerate with several different products designed to improve physical therapy for patients. With two physical therapists as founders, Confluent Health has an in-depth understanding of both healthcare reform and medical rehabilitation. Confluent’s co-founders believe that all people deserve access to quality healthcare, especially affordable rehab services; as a result, they’ve created several affordable tools that make effective rehabilitation more accessible than ever before. By collaborating with expert physical therapists and offering health plans at reasonable prices, Confluent aims to revolutionize how people recover from injury or sickness.

Although it’s still a young company, Confluent has already made significant progress towards its mission and continues to do so every day. Recently, Confluent partnered with multiple major insurance companies to develop insurance reimbursement solutions for injured workers.

This new partnership should boost Confluent’s reputation within the medical community, allowing it to continue growing quickly. With numerous clinics around the country using Confluent’s rehabilitative methods and other ambitious partnerships in development, there’s no telling how big Confluent will become over time.

In recent years, there have been increased efforts to promote awareness about occupational and physical therapy amongst policymakers, if these efforts prove successful, confluent could potentially be able to expand even further. In short, confluent seems poised for success in both short-term and long-term scenarios especially considering their unique approach to rehab.

Other techniques aren’t very well regarded by consumers because they’re expensive, invasive (in some cases), and don’t focus on patient recovery. Most importantly though: users are almost universally pleased with their results when using confluent’s products. There are dozens of reviews discussing impressive improvements and even whole websites dedicated to confluent’s PT software. The National Institute of Health reports that over 200 million Americans suffer from chronic pain conditions like arthritis, which affects mobility and overall ability to participate in daily life activities.

Because many PT treatments can be somewhat invasive and lengthy, most people often opt out of receiving treatment altogether. Confluent’s rehabilitation products target many common aches/pains without being excessively painful or expensive. These low-impact therapies include: wearable weights/gait belts, massage tools, leg braces & supports, neck supports & pillows.

Confluent Health benefits:

Confluent Health understands that you can’t really manage your health care if you don’t have time to take care of yourself so they put client satisfaction at number one. With their help, you’ll be empowered to get back on track with a plan that works for you.

Confluent Health is committed to giving you personalized attention, allowing them to deliver better care in less time than most physical therapy practices. No more worrying about having insurance or even how much physical therapy is going to cost with Confluent Health, all fees are easy-to-understand, transparently priced and easily covered by most major medical plans. You won’t find many other providers who offer such comprehensive support as Confluent Health. Not only do they offer convenient office hours and weekend appointments, but you can also access all of your records online anytime.

By working together with clients to create a long-term treatment plan that includes both traditional therapies and other wellness solutions like fitness trainers, personal chefs, yoga instructors and massage therapists (among others), Confluent helps clients achieve optimal health 6. It’s easy to find an experienced therapist who knows how to tailor exercise activities specifically for each client’s needs; there’s no cookie cutter approach here.

The primary goal isn’t just to eliminate pain from your joints and muscles, but rather, help you live without it altogether. Long gone are the days when physical therapy meant just lying down on a table getting passive treatments.

Today’s physically active lifestyles mean we often suffer injuries when pushing our bodies past their limits. That’s why Confluent makes sure every patient gets individualized treatment and workout plans tailored to his or her specific condition  Believe it or not, humor plays a vital role in rehabilitation. At Confluent, they bring laughter into everything they do because studies show that laughter reduces stress hormone levels and strengthens immune systems.

A fun atmosphere combined with safe equipment ensures that patients get the experience necessary to return them to full mobility. Confluent doctors respect all cultures so whether you’re African American, Hispanic American or Native American just to name a few everyone will receive proper care.

How’s It Work:

Currently, physical therapy is limited to 8-10 visits. If you want to continue getting treatment after that point, most likely your doctor will recommend a surgical procedure. The procedures for non-union or non-unions are just not something that’s good for anyone, says Smith, who suffered from one such issue himself after breaking his foot in college.

Confluent Health There are all these surgical devices out there now – screws and rods – but they have very high failure rates. After nearly a year of pain due to complications, Smith had surgery to stabilize his bone. He still has two screws in his ankle today. He notes he’s lucky things turned out as well as they did; some people never recover mobility after those surgeries.

I realized that I didn’t need a piece of metal sticking out of my body, he said. With Confluent Health, Smith aims to create an alternative: using physical therapy to strengthen patients’ muscles while allowing doctors to send them home so they can continue working on their recovery at home. And where do new muscles come from? Resistance training.

To get from here to there, though, it takes money and lots of it. That’s why Confluent was founded by New York Angels and Acumen Fund investor Sunil Paul with Eric Jaffe the former president and CEO of WebMD, venture capitalist Henry Warded who previously led life sciences investment banking at UBS and Josh Kushner founder of Thrive Capital. In addition to starting up  Ancillary Health Insurance, which has offices in New York City and Durham, North Carolina, Warded is also leading biotechnology research on ways to decrease inflammation through diet rather than drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen.

 Health He believes that understanding food is a key part of treating disease. The cornerstone of medicine hasn’t changed in 2,000 years, Warded told me. It’s about balancing your internal environment. Healthy eating habits could be crucial to fighting cancer as well. Dr. Stephen Freed land, professor emeritus at Harvard Medical School and chairman of Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s Center for Functional Oncology Research, estimates that close to 20 percent of cancer cases may be linked back to our diets. While pharmaceuticals provide temporary relief or cover symptoms, diet changes could help prevent chronic diseases and repair damages caused by harmful behaviors before irreversible damage occurs.

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