Cute Anime Boyfriend

Cute Anime Boyfriend Ideas

Creating a cute anime boyfriend may seem like an impossible task, but with these tips from real professionals in the anime art world, you’ll be able to create one that’s just as cute as your favorite character.

Kirito from Sword Art Online:

The Cute Anime Boyfriend When Kirito and Asuna were trapped in a video game, they became one of anime’s cutest couples. In fact, they even sparked Japan’s real-life wedding boom among gamers. That’s some serious power! Perhaps that’s why Crunchy roll chose Karate to represent them at New York Comic Con 2016. When he isn’t saving anime ladies or posing for Japanese advertisements, he’s just a classic blue-haired high schooler who lives with his sister and spends way too much time gaming. He can be aCute Anime Boyfriend and a bit of an antisocial recluse, but when it comes to Asuna or any other pretty girl, you’ll see him come out of his shell in an instant.

HisokaMorow from Hunter x Hunter:

Hisoka is a supporting character from Hunter x Hunter. He claims to be a magician and even The Magician of Love himself, whom he states is different from an ordinary magician. Hisoka’s fighting style involves putting enemies into strange positions with what he calls Quarterstaff, which can also be used as a weapon. Throughout most of his appearances, Hisoka acts rather nonchalant toward his opponents and speaks in a relaxed manner, often making odd remarks that have nothing to do with what’s happening around him. However, when it comes to GonFreecss or anyone else close to him, he gets serious and even possessive at times that’s why he is makes sch a good Cute Anime Boyfriend.

IzukuMidoriya from My Hero Academia:

IzukuMidoriya (緑谷出久, MidoriyaIzuku?) is a young student training to become a hero and that makes him a good choice for Cute Anime Boyfriend. He lives in Musutafu, and is often noted by others for his Quirkless status. Despite that, he still dreams of one day becoming a hero like his idol All Might.

Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan:

Cute Anime Boyfriend
                      Cute Anime Boyfriend

Levi ackerman is one hell of a Cute Anime Boyfriend. If you want to date someone with a heart of gold, Levi Ackerman is your boy. Levi never hesitates to put his life on the line for those he cares about, and while he’s known as human scum by some people in Survey Corps., there’s no denying that deep down he’s a very caring person. His adorable smile and wavy hair can also win anyone over instantly!

Matsuoka Rin from Free:

Yato is a God of Calamity (whoops, spoiler alert). Yukine is his Regalia, or weapon (yet another spoiler alert. But you saw that coming, right?) These two are actually best friends and I think they’re pretty cute together. They do argue like an old married couple though. Cute anime boyfriends should argue; it makes them more realistic and relatable. Go Yato! You bring out Yukine’s strength as well as protect him because he’s weaker than you are as a god. Go Yukine! You stand up to Yato when he hurts your feelings!

Onoda Sakamichi from Yowamushi Pedal:

Although Onoda is a fairly typical Anime dao , he really shines in his interactions with others. He is always full of energy and determination. Not only that, but he’s kind to everyone around him. As we see in one of his flashbacks, Onoda has been friends with Imaizumi ever since elementary school. At first, Imaizumi bullied him mercilessly because he was from another school; however, as time went on and they competed against each other more often, their friendship blossomed.

YatoYukine from NoragamiAragoto:

Lovable and personable, Yato has a happy go lucky attitude and his devotion to his friends makes him an ideal Cute Anime Boyfriend. He’s energetic, endearing, friendly and playful, which are all great qualities in a mate. A positive attitude can help make your relationship stronger, so that’s something to look for in a potential boyfriend. If you want to be with someone who’s kindhearted, caring and loyal; someone who will love you for who you are as much as for what you can offer him or her; then why not choose Yato? In NoragamiAragoto he is uncharacteristically drawn to being petted – especially on his head – by Yukine!

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