Denki kaminari

Denki kaminari

Chargebolt, otherwise known as Denki Kaminari in his civilian identity, is the main protagonist of 2014’s manga The Stun Gun Hero: Chargebolt written by Katsura Hoshino. Starting as the stereotypical weakling, he eventually develops superpowers that make Denki kaminari one of the most powerful heroes in the series’ universe. Today, we take a look at this exciting hero to learn more about his history and quirks!

The Origin of Stun Gun

When it comes to superheroes, a hero’s arsenal is often as important as his or her superpowers. That’s why it’s no surprise that fans around the world are always interested in learning more about these flashy heroes’ weapons of choice. This week, we take a look at A-class hero Stun Gun and find out how Denki kaminari unique item came to be! If you thought last week’s items were crazy, get ready for something even crazier.

Likes & Dislikes:

Kaminari’s favorite food, according to him and his constant appetite, is sweets. It has been noted that he’s constantly craving them as an infant. At one point, CamieUtsushimi had to bring sweet snacks with her when she babysat him so he wouldn’t cry in hunger during her visit. His dislikes include strongly flavored food such as garlic or beef stew. Although it wasn’t specified if Denki kaminari likes or dislikes school at all, it was shown on several occasions that his attendance at U.A. was below average due to various reasons (often resulting from situations involving his alter ego). Given how little he cares about classes, it’s very likely that he doesn’t like school at all.

In terms of physical abilities, he’s shown to be both fast and strong. He possesses above-average strength, even in his regular state; during his battle against Shigaraki, he was able to break apart one of Shigaraki’s body parts with just a kick despite being outmatched by his opponent. His speed has also been showcased on several occasions: during training in basic mobility, during combat, and even while fighting someone as powerful as All For One.

Fighting Style:

Denki kaminari
                            Denki kaminari

Chargebolt’s fighting style revolves around three prongs. The first, as his name suggests, is speed. Chargebolt’s lightning-based Quirk gives him tremendous amounts of kinetic energy that can be used for movements and attacks alike. Denki kaminari fighting style has become a mix of boxing and blitzing, combining high-speed hits with quick dodges to evade attacks from multiple directions; he even uses his body as a makeshift projectile against uncooperative opponents to give himself an opening for counterattacks or to provide an escape route for a fleeing opponent.

The second prong of Chargebolt’s fighting style involves electricity. His lightning-based Quirk gives him control over that most primordial and powerful of natural forces, allowing him to guide bolts of electricity with precision and direct them in any manner he sees fit. All Denki kaminari attacks follow three basic principles: speed, power, and versatility. As such, he tends to prioritize speed over raw power, only directly hitting an opponent when they leave themselves open or when he intends to disable a body part; at other times he’ll use small but fast jolts to keep an opponent off-balance or lower their resistance.

Quirk One For All:

All Might’s Quirk, One For All, allows him to transfer physical impacts to another location (usually his back). This property was crucial in allowing All Might to continue being a Hero and keep performing his duties while injured. However, it takes an immense toll on Anime suge body that might shorten his life span. As such, he cannot abuse it like other Quirks used by Heroes.

If a user’s Quirk isn’t compatible with their body, it may severely impact their health. For example, when IzukuMidoriya inherited One For All from All Might, his body was unable to handle it and he became severely injured. Even after training for two years, he can still only use about 70% of One For All’s power before feeling pain in his limbs and possibly breaking them. On top of that, Denki kaminari has to be careful about how often he uses One For All because if he were to overwork his body by constantly using too much of its power (say around 50%), he could end up crippling beyond repair and permanently damaging himself.

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