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Erza Scarlet | Fairy Tail’s S-Class Mage

When you think of Fairy Tale, the first name that comes to mind may not be Scarlet, but she should be. As an S-Class Mage and one of the main characters of the story, Erza Scarlet makes her presence known in almost every major event in the guild’s history. In fact, many people say she’s one of the strongest female characters in all of anime and manga! Let’s take a look at how she became such an epic character.

Basic information about Erza Scarlet:

According to Macao and Wakaba, Erza Scarlet is a very strict person, often criticizing members of Fairy Tail for being lazy and acting carelessly. She is also direct in her approach and quite blunt, usually being one of the first to comment on a topic. However, she does have a kind side which can be seen as when she cares deeply for her friends. She also respects her enemies’ talents (i.e. Laxus) and even supports them in some cases (i.e.: Mystogan).

She has a fierce temper but it is known that she regrets losing control of herself once she does so. Despite all of these negative traits of hers, Erza is said to be extremely beautiful with long pink hair and brown eyes. Her most common attire consists of an armored dress with plated arms and legs, accompanied by a cape. Her Fairy Tale stamp is blue and located on her left thigh while her Soluna mark is located at the back of her right hand.

Write a professional description about Erza Scarlet: When she joined Fairy Tale, Erza’s personality was severe and cruel, something that made her infamous among guildmates. As time went on, however, she began to mellow out and soften up around others. While still retaining her rash nature in certain situations, she has become more open towards others as time went on.

She is also forgiving, as she bears no grudge against Jelled Fernandez despite all that he had done to her in the past. Instead, she sees him as a friend and will gladly welcome him back into Fairy Tail if he ever returns. Erza’s sense of justice is strong, as she became enraged when Alsace Connell and Biscay Milan were defeated by Jura Nevis, wanting to take revenge on him for their defeat.

History of Erza Scarlet:

Ezra scarlet
                                  Ezra scarlet

While she was young Jotaro Kujo parents were killed by a slave trader who had captured and planned to sell her and her sisters. After their death, she became an apprentice to one of her father’s friends, a female knight named Christella. Although she trained hard under her master for ten years, Erza learned that Chrystella was not being entirely truthful about herself with Erza; rather than being a distant friend of her father’s from his army days as Chrystella claimed.

Erza later discovered that she was actually her biological mother after meeting another one of Chrystella’s daughters (who took on duties as a Magic Council employee) that had been sold into slavery with them prior to their liberation. When they reunited, however, Erza refused to believe it at first until she saw her sister’s Brand Slave mark. Upon realizing the truth, Erza ran away in tears and ended up living alone in a forest for two weeks where she pondered over whether or not to accept her mother back into her life.

She even attacked other members of the guild whenever they annoyed her. However, there were times when she showed compassion towards others such as when she protected a fellow member from being expelled after having destroyed most of Magnolia Town in a fit of rage. As time passed on, Erza continued to mature mentally and developed strong relationships with many guild members like Gray Fullbuster whom she is very close to despite teasing him constantly.

The appearance of Erza Scarlet:

Erza Scarlet is a young woman with long, scarlet hair and brown eyes. Her hair, which she inherited from her father, is so long that it reaches her waist, and when wearing armor, she has been known to pull it back into a low ponytail. Erza’s most common attire consists of custom-made armor by Heart Kreuz smiths, a blue skirt, and black boots. Also, some of her armors contain underwear like her pink Fairy Armor. Additionally, Erza seems to have an affinity for wearing cute female clothing; Gajeel Redfox once noted that all of the clothes she wears are cute (excluding her Adamantine Armor).

This trait often makes others think that she is more interested in looking good rather than being strong, though ultimately it does not seem to affect her performance in battle. Scarlet In addition, Erza is very proud of her height of 158 cm (5 ft 2 inches) and tends to get angry when someone insults it, especially if said person is taller than her.

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