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Gin Ichimaru Concept Art

Gin Ichimaru is one of the most complicated characters in Bleach, and his backstory is equally complex. He’s one of Aizen’s top three Espada, which means he’s in charge of killing any Shinigami who come close to discovering the location of Hueco Mundo, an alternate dimension where all Hollows live. But he started out as an unassuming third seat officer who joined the Gotei 13 only to infiltrate the organization and get closer to his master, Sosuke Aizen.

Why does Gin Ichimaru betray Aizen?

Gin Ichimaru helps Aizen betray Soul Society by using his Shikai, Benihime, to attack Aizen. Gin was forced to do so because he was not able to use Bankai and thus had no way of defending himself against Aizen. If he did not betray Aizen, then he would have died with him when they tried to take over Soul Society.

This event explains why Gin killed off Matsumoto, Lisa Yadomaru, and Kensei Muguruma because they might have tried to stop him from doing what he felt was necessary. Gin is also a very prideful person, as shown in his battle with Tousen Kaname. He refuses to go to Bankai because it is a sign of admitting defeat and being unable to win without it.

Gin is also very logical; he knows that if two captains are capable of going Bankai in one division, then there will be trouble between them. So Gin kills both Yachiru Kusajishi and Izuru Kira before they can get stronger than him or learn how to use their banks.

Gin is also known for having a dislike for Shinigami who enjoy fighting too much. Gin dislikes Ichigo Kurosaki because Ichigo enjoys fighting too much. Gin never wanted to kill people, but he knew that some people needed to die for Soul Society to function properly. Gin could tell that Rukia Kuchiki enjoyed killing Hollows too much and she needed to die for things to work out right again.

Is Gin in Bleach a good guy?

gin ichimaru
                                 Gin Ichimaru

There’s a lot of debate about whether Gin is, in fact, a good guy. He’s an ally to Ichigo and his friends and did help them fight Aizen; however, he almost killed one of Ichigo’s best friends during that battle. In addition, before meeting Rukia in real life and setting her up to die in Soul Society, he was responsible for getting several people killed during his time as Aizen’s right-hand man. It’s not hard to see why some would consider Gin Ichimaru to be a bad guy. That said, he also has done some very nice things: He told Ichigo how to defeat Aizen after realizing what it would mean if they lost (which could have been considered betrayal).

And when fighting against Aizen with Renji and Byakuya, he managed to hold off an opponent who had completely overpowered him just minutes earlier—all so that Renji could escape with Rukia. So does Gin deserve your sympathy? It really depends on how you look at it. But either way, you can’t deny his cool concept art! This particular piece shows Gin wearing his trademark sunglasses and standing in front of Seireitei. As always, Gin looks quite dapper!

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Is Gin Ichimaru a villain?

Donquixote Doflamingo is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo. Gin is voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki in Japanese media and James Arden in English media. Gin appears as a tall, lean man with gray hair and eyes.

He wears standard Shinigami robes with a white captain’s haori; later, he wears an undershirt of similar coloration to his haori. The remnants of his Hollow mask consist of two long horns extending downward from his forehead like antennae, curving slightly forward; when seen from behind, it looks like four small bumps rather than two large ones.

His former position as Captain of Squad 3, which was essentially one step below that of Gotei 13 Commander-General Yamamoto himself, attests to his considerable power. His lieutenant was Izuru Kira.

In addition to being a capable fighter and swordsman, Gin Ichimaru has demonstrated himself to be highly perceptive and cunning on several occasions: for example, during Aizen’s invasion of Soul Society, he quickly deduced that Aizen had hidden most of his forces within their own bodies using a combination of Zetsu and Kyoka Suigetsu before anyone else had even realized what was happening.

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