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7 Reasons to Apply For A Harley Davidson Finance Loan

Harley Davidson Finance Services (HDFS) offers a complete line of financing options and insurance products and services to help get and keep you on the road. Whether you want to lease or finance a new motorcycle, you can count on HDFS to offer flexible financing with competitive rates. Additionally, you can take advantage of their motorcycle insurance plans to ensure that your bike is covered when you ride it and when it’s in storage. Here are seven reasons why you should consider applying for an HDFS loan or Harley-Davidson insurance plan today.

How Harley Davidson Finance Services Can Help:

The Harley Davidson Finance services is dedicated to serving all customers with quality, low-interest financing, easy leasing and easy interest bearing check cashing plans. Harley Davidson finance services can offer you some peace of mind when buying or riding your dream bike. Here are seven reasons why it may be right for you.

Low monthly payments help keep cash flow available to pay off higher-ticket items like tuition or rent while keeping monthly costs reasonable. Your down payment amount can also be applied toward lower monthly payments because part of that money is considered pre-payment against future balances instead of just having an extra cash cushion until someone buys your motorcycle at auction. Confidence and peace of mind knowing you are protected in case of accident.

Insurance Services and Progressive. Friendly staff is here to help you learn about your options and provide you with tips on buying a motorcycle if it’s your first time. -AutoNation USA Approved Credit & AutoNation Motorcycle Sales finance services are not affiliated with Harley Davidson Finance Services. AutoNation Motorcycle Sales has loan applications that are submitted directly through AutoNation USA Approved Credit as well as dealer assisted programs in order to obtain rates quoted by every lender directly through their website which may vary based upon applicant’s credit history, loan type and other factors. All offers subject to approved credit.

Benefits Of A Harley Davidson Finance:

The loan is affordable. Once you sign a finance agreement, you’ll make fixed monthly payments on your bike. This means no surprises when it comes time to pay each month. And if you lose your job or have other changes in your life, we can modify or postpone your payments. We offer loans with terms ranging from 12 months up to 72 months (six years).

The monthly payment options range from $38 per month up to $200 per month depending on how much you borrow and what type of financing term you choose. Plus, if you can afford more than one new motorcycle, there are no longer any restrictions on buying multiple bikes under one finance agreement – now that’s something worth celebrating! You can spread out your payments with our installment credit line. In most cases, you will need a bank account in good standing and some sort of credit history but don’t worry even bad credit ratings qualify.

Our goal is to help customers get into motorcycles they love – no matter what their financial situation might be at the moment. An HDFS installment credit line is designed for people who want to purchase big ticket items such as a motorcycle or boat but may not be able to get approved for a typical loan due to past mistakes on their credit report. How long will I wait?

After you apply online, we’ll review your application and usually contact you within 24 hours to let you know whether or not we think we can approve it. To speed things along, please be sure to provide all required documents before submitting your application. If everything looks good after our initial review, then a final decision about financing could come within 7 business days.

Harley Davidson Finance strongly recommends consulting with your personal tax advisor regarding specific implications that may arise from being financed through HHDFL versus paying cash or using another financing source. All information provided is accurate as of 6/28/2017 based on lender eligibility requirements. Contact your local authorized Harley-Davidson Dealer for more information about HDFS promotions and any applicable expiration dates, including but not limited to interest rates, available funding, fees and other costs.

Harley Davidson Finance dealer incentives subject to change without notice by manufacturers if extended rebates require different terms or if terms of offer are changed at participating dealerships in conjunction with manufacturer marketing partners such as motorcycle clubs and other organizations and special events. Please see offer documents or speak directly with your local authorized dealer’s sales department representative for details. These offers are provided by participating dealerships only; not all manufacturers provide special incentives directly to dealerships.

Does Harley Davidson Have Their Own Financing?

Yes, they do! If you’re interested in financing your new or used motorcycle, check out HDFS’s website. You can either apply online and receive an immediate decision, or find out if you prequalify by filling out their online loan application. Once you do either of those things,  VVS Finance will work with their lending partners and determine if you’re eligible for financing through them. As an alternative to financing through HDFS, you can use any lender of your choice as long as it has been approved by Harley Davidson. If your credit is good enough, applying for an HDFS loan could be a smart move.

Some benefits include: interest rates up to 60% lower than your bank’s free roadside assistance; extended warranties; and more! Whether you’re buying a new or used bike, getting extra protection is never a bad idea. A lot of people skip getting financed because they don’t have stellar credit histories, but there are also cases where that type of thing isn’t such a big deal.

For example, military veterans often get favorable treatment when trying to buy something like a car — service members who served at least two years in one location generally won’t have to wait as long for financing approval compared to most other people who’d seek loans.

The same concept applies here — serving on active duty makes many financial institutions willing to overlook blemishes on your payment history. Another bonus about using HDFS is that dealerships tend to offer better prices if you finance directly from them rather than via your own bank. Specialists on hand during dealership visits can help applicants tailor repayment schedules based on their income, savings goals and other factors.

Everyone knows how costly cars can be upfront, which is why purchasing yours via financing allows you to pay off monthly payments over time while only paying a small sum each month towards ownership expenses.

If anything goes wrong with your vehicle during ownership, there’s a good chance that Harley-Davidson will cover its repair costs under warranty coverage–unlike some banks and finance providers who offer lackluster aftermarket support should problems arise in your first few months.

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