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About Hatsuharu Sohma

Hatsuharu Sohma (草摩 節, Sōma Hatsuharu) was born on the first of the Ox, and thus gave his zodiac animal as the Ox when he was cursed by the spirit of the Ox. He attends Miyazaki Middle School and is a classmate of Tohru Honda, Arisa Uotani, and Yuki Sohma. He has an older sister named Haruna Sohma and he also lives with his cousin Akito Sohma and Akito’s little brother Kureno Sohma.

Is Hatsuharu Sohma a girl?

There is one scene where his mother looks at him and doesn’t think of him as a man. And he does look kinda feminine, but it’s mostly because of his hair. When Yuki first meets Hatsuharu he tells her that she can’t tell if he is a boy or girl. His hair is long, almost to his hips, and tied in two braids at both sides with ribbons on each end. He has long eyelashes and wears makeup (lipstick). But later on in the series when they are going through transformations, Haru turns into a girl-like version of himself (meaning prettier clothes and long hair) but still thinks that Kyo loves Tohru and not him.

It seems like after he became a curse, he started wearing more feminine clothing (not to mention his voice changed from deep to high pitched) but I don’t think anyone ever said whether or not he was actually transgender. It would be interesting though.

Is Hatsuharu Sohma a boy?

hatsuharu sohma
                                                                              Hatsuharu Sohma

When a member of your family has been cursed by an animal that symbolizes a year of their life, you do whatever it takes to break that curse. So when Tohru Honda found out her love Hatsuharu Sohma was a boy living under his grandfather’s rule and stealing from him at night she did everything in her power to set him free. And when it comes to romantic relationships, it appears as though neither gender nor species makes much difference! However, there is one small problem: Hatsuharu doesn’t remember anything about his past or who he really is.

Despite his feminine appearance, Hatsuharu is actually a boy trapped in a girl’s body. In his previous life, he was an abused child who lost faith in everything and anyone around him including himself. However, after meeting Tohru he learns to have hope again. Even though he starts dating another boy (Kyo), nothing can break his bond with Tohru even if it means wearing dresses and skirts to help Tohru adjust to her new school. Is  Juuzou Suzuya Gay? When you’re born into a family cursed by zodiac animals, you don’t really have much of a choice when it comes to your orientation.

Are Hatsuharu and Rin related?

Rin and Haru are distant cousins. They have different fathers, but their mothers are sisters. Because of their kinship, Haru ends up living with Rin at his house. Their relationship doesn’t last long though as he leaves for college before graduating from high school. He does come back to visit once in a while after that point.

Hatsuharu Sohma’s human form is different than what you’d expect: He doesn’t look like an ox when he’s in human form! Instead, he looks like a normal guy with black hair and brown eyes. He has more feminine features than masculine ones which is why Yuki mistakes him for a girl when they first meet. In his human form, he can be quite shy around people that whom he isn’t familiar. It takes time for him to warm up to new people or situations.

However, once he does warm up to someone or something, it becomes difficult to get rid of him! He will cling on tight until things go back to how they were before. Hatsuharu’s relationship with Tohru: Haru’s main relationship throughout Fruits Basket is with Tohru Honda. The two are distant cousins who end up living together at Rin Sohma’s house after Rin leaves for college. They have known each other since childhood, but don’t grow close until later on in life. When they do become close friends, it lasts forever! Even after all these years apart from one another, their friendship never dies out and they still care about one another deeply.

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