Home Depot Health Check

Home Depot Health Check – What it is and How to Access

The Home Depot Health Check is an application that provides US associates and SSC non-associates with a tool to assess their current health status and track their future goals in order to improve overall health and wellness at work. There are five key areas that can be monitored on the Health Check, which are Physical Activity, Nutrition, Sleep Habits, Emotional Wellness, and Mental Health. With the Home Depot Health Check tool, you can connect with your physician and submit the results of your health check on your dashboard so they can monitor your progress over time.

What is the Home Depot Health Check?

The Home Depot Health Check is a wellness platform that allows associates and family members of associates to access their health information in one convenient location. Our vision for The Home Depot Health Check is simple is a leading employer in helping our team members achieve optimal health and well-being by providing easy, streamlined access to important health information anytime, anywhere through mobile devices.

In addition, we are committed to educating our team members on ways they can live healthy lives every day enabling them to improve their overall quality of life and get more out of work. Through years of observation and research within Home Depot Health Check system, we know what helps keep people active and feeling better at home, and more importantly, how we can make these everyday practices easier to adopt. Ultimately, our goal is to create a holistic culture throughout all facets of The Home Depot where associates lead happy, healthy lives right at home.

Where can I take this test?

We have worked hard to make sure that HDHC doesn’t pose any security issues. You may also view our site using IE9 with Java disabled. However, you may experience technical difficulties related to site responsiveness/layout when viewing with these configurations.

Using Safari has been problematic in our testing due to missing Java libraries within Safari which prevent HDHC from operating correctly at times; therefore we do not recommend that you use Safari while accessing HDHC until we can fix the issue at hand. In addition, please ensure your browser is up-to-date with its latest patches.

We apologize if you have experienced any inconveniences caused by compatibility issues between HDHC and your web browser configuration. The Home Depot Health Check is a voluntary tool designed to provide employees with actionable information about their overall health condition based on science supported data that tracks lifestyle habits like weight management, nutrition, physical activity level etc. It was developed through several years of research by dedicated teams within Human Resources and Vendor Partners groups here at The Home Depot Health Check along with other strategic business partners such as Towers Watson.

Additional Information About The Home Depot Health Check.

The web based application was introduced for associates, as well as for non-associates of Home Depot Health Check. It aims at keeping an eye on weight gain, whether an associate has health issues or if their eating habits are not at par with guidelines set by retail industry bodies. Further information about these steps can be found in an official document from The Home Depot Health Check corporate office issued during early. Although each case is different, all eligible candidates will be contacted by HR via phone within 72 hours (if not faster) of applying.

Once approved, they can begin immediately accessing benefits through Home Depot Health Check program and must complete a brief online account validation before proceeding with tracking activities data.

Alternatively, SSC non-associates can access services directly after completing an external enrollment form provided by active employees. However, once enrolled it does not automatically mean that you are entitled to obtaining any such benefit package for free; instead you’ll receive your first year’s insurance coverage without any cost and thereafter it would be covered partially according to a specific rate plan covering both The Esperanza Health Center Life Insurance Plan and Affordable Care Act (ACA) costs.


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