Houston Truck Accident Lawyers

Houston Truck Accident Lawyers

Houston truck accident lawyers represent those who have been injured in truck accidents in and around the city of Houston, Texas. Whether it’s due to a faulty truck or driver error, these injury lawyers can help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve to cover your medical bills and other costs associated with your injuries. If you have been involved in a Houston truck accident, consult with one of these experienced attorneys today. You can schedule an appointment by calling or visiting the website.

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen?

According to one estimate, there are around 330,000 large truck accidents in America every year. For these larger vehicles (trucks and tractor-trailers), driving is not as simple as cars it takes much more skill to drive a truck or other large vehicle on major highways and through cities. Drivers of trucks have to be aware of all sorts of things that drivers of regular vehicles don’t have to worry about: height restrictions, weight limits, blind spots, mirrors the list goes on. That’s why you need Houston truck accident lawyers if you ever find yourself in a situation where your safety is at risk.

Truck accidents can be much more severe than regular car accidents. For example, a simple fender-bender between two cars usually results in minimal damage to both vehicles. A similar accident between a truck and a car can lead to thousands of dollars in damages for both parties involved and if you’re on foot or riding your bike when it happens, you might even find yourself seriously injured or killed by impact from one of these vehicles. The size difference doesn’t only mean more severe injuries; it also makes it easier for truck drivers to get away with bad driving practices that would not go unnoticed by police officers who patrol major highways and streets.

Common Causes of Large Commercial Truck Crashes

If you’re involved in a large commercial truck crash, some common causes may have contributed to your wreck. Commonly cited problems include long hours without breaks or rest, sudden and unpredictable lane changes, failure to keep up with traffic, and using cell phones or other electronic devices while driving. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident caused by these issues, it’s important to speak with an experienced attorney immediately. Truck drivers are often in high demand because of their livelihood; as such, trucking companies will do everything they can to place blame on others for accidents caused by driver negligence. The longer you wait before speaking with a lawyer, the more likely that is to happen.

If you’ve been involved in a large commercial truck crash, it’s important to speak with an experienced Houston truck accident lawyer. If you feel your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, then you may be entitled to financial compensation for your pain and suffering. An attorney can investigate your case and help you get back on track after a traumatic accident, working directly with insurance companies to ensure that all of your medical expenses are paid and that you are compensated fairly for time off work or wage loss. In some cases, we may even be able to win punitive damages against negligent parties who knowingly put others at risk of injury or death while behind the wheel of a large commercial truck.

When Can a Commercial Driver Be Held Liable for a Crash?

There are many reasons for an accident that cause financial damage to another. In some cases, it’s because a driver is distracted and ends up causing an accident. But what about when there is an issue with a truck? The most common cause of truck accidents is something called a negligent operator–one who takes shortcuts or skips out on repairs. To be held liable for any damages, they will need to have had prior knowledge of issues with their vehicle or allowed those issues to go unaddressed. Based on case law and court documents, we can say when a commercial driver may be found liable for their actions in these situations.

What about Insurance Coverage?

If you’re hurt in a motor vehicle accident and want to sue, insurance companies may try to dissuade you. Your best bet is to speak with an attorney as soon as possible so they can advise you on your rights and what steps to take next. Under Texas law, it is never too early or too late to explore your legal options. So don’t hesitate; to talk with an experienced attorney today.

One important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t wait before speaking with an attorney. Insurance companies may try to dissuade you from seeking legal counsel, and many people wrongly believe they can only speak with an attorney injury lawyer Indianapolis after their claim has been denied or after it has lapsed. If a truck accident leaves you seriously injured, it is never too early or too late to explore your legal options; many successful lawsuits are brought against insurance companies within days of an accident. The best way to safeguard your rights is by speaking with a Houston truck accident lawyer who can advise you on your case as soon as possible and get things moving for you quickly.

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