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Lamar Institute of Technology | More Than Just a School

Founded in 1921, Lamar Institute of Technology offers more than 50 degree and certificate programs–in fields including healthcare, energy, technology and public safety. But Lamar Institute focus on job-specific training isn’t just about providing students with the skills they need to land high-paying jobs upon graduation; it’s also about preparing these students to become valuable assets to the industries they join.

History of Lamar Institute

The Lamar Institute of Technology was founded in 1943 by Dr. Wayne A. Withers and his wife, Janie Lamar Withers. The couple named their new school for their father, Thomas Jefferson Lamar, who served as president of Arkansas State Normal College from 1887-1889. Dr. Withers became president when Lamar died in 1892, at which time Mrs. Withers retired as principal to become vice president. In 1943, she was elected president of Lamar Institute  first woman to serve as a college chief executive officer in Arkansas.

Lamar Institute  originally offered eight programs leading to two-year associate degrees or one-year certificates through partnerships with other colleges and universities that included Henderson State Teachers College (now Henderson State University), Hendrix College (Fayetteville) and the University of Central Arkansas (Conway). At its peak enrollment in 1965, approximately 1,300 students were enrolled at Lamar Tech.

Dr. Richard Parnell became President in 1966 after serving six years as an instructor at Lamar Tech; he retired on June 30, 2013 after 16 years leading Lamar Tech’s academic mission. On July 1, 2014, Dr. William Hardy was hired to lead Lamar.

Lamar Institute of Technology currently has more than 400 students enrolled in more than 50 degrees and certificates programs–in fields including healthcare and nursing education, energy technology and services, manufacturing engineering technology, public safety technology and technical training solutions for business clients across Arkansas and neighboring states through its Corporate Solutions division. Lamar Institute Also offered are online degree completion programs that allow working adults to earn degrees that help them advance their careers or change fields without disrupting their personal or professional lives–and can even help them qualify for better jobs with higher salaries or promotions because employers know graduates from Lamar Institute have mastered workplace-relevant skills.

Why did you choose Lamar?

Lamar Institute of Technology We had several options for an engineering school, but I chose Lamar because I was impressed with its campus and social atmosphere. The small class sizes are also appealing to me. I knew that Lamar’s business degree program would challenge me to succeed in my future career, which is why I chose it over other engineering schools in town. As part of Lamar’s diversity initiative, all students participate in programming that focuses on finding solutions to problems that occur when two or more different cultures interact. Students are encouraged to learn about their community and contribute to solving issues affecting it, which is what led me to become involved with Liter and student government last year.

Lamar also has one of only four UAS programs in Louisiana, so we have state-of-the-art equipment like unmanned aerial systems and ground vehicle testing labs. Our graduates get jobs fast – they graduate with a job offer within 6 months at a pay rate higher than average for new grads. What do you plan to do after graduation? After graduation, I plan to work as an engineer for at least three years before going back to graduate school.

My ultimate goal is to be able to solve complex problems through technology—in both civilian and military applications–and by having access to advanced technology now as a Lamar graduate, I can reach my goals faster than if I went elsewhere first. What advice would you give someone considering attending Lamar Institute of Technology? Apply to Lamar! It offers affordable tuition, great employment outcomes and opportunities to make a positive impact. Be sure to talk with your advisers early on because they’ll help guide you through choosing classes based on your desired major and whether your prerequisites are correct.

Professors want you to succeed as much as you do! Reach out to current students who will tell you what’s real versus common misconceptions about Lamar Institute of Technology anyone who isn’t smiling or bragging about their experience probably didn’t enjoy themselves here. Finally, join clubs and organizations.

They bring amazing networking opportunities that can benefit your future beyond college. Check out Lamar’s National Society of Leadership & Success chapter or Freshman College Advancement Association, where I was recently elected president. You’ll meet friends and mentors who will encourage you to improve yourself, inside and outside of classes.

Benefits of Lamar institute of technology

Lamar Institute of Technology offers more than 50 degree and certificate programs–in fields including healthcare, energy, technology and public safety. The school was founded in 1969 in Beaumont and is based in Port Arthur. It has an annual budget of approximately $32 million. There are approximately 90 full-time employees at Lamar Tech who work to support students’ educational goals through teaching, research and service.

Lamar Institute  These professionals help maintain professional accreditation as well as ensure that students receive help with financial aid needs, whether they are incoming freshmen or returning adult learners looking to complete their bachelor’s degree or earn a new career certification. Thinking about going back to college? Why not look into  Enjoy Technology ? Imagine how good it would feel to give yourself a head start on your lifelong career.

You can get acquainted with key pieces of information from there on any platform like laptops, smart phones etc. It will sure help you gain insight on why you should apply for Lamar  now! Most prominent offering for helping you achieve your academic success will be developed by qualified staff members specially appointed for ensuring highest standards in quality education are met.

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