Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman | The Strongest Anime Soldier

Levi Ackerman was born and raised in the Underground City of Utgard, where he learned to use blades against the Underground Titans. Although he was said to be humanity’s strongest soldier, Levi could not stand idly by when Eren Yeager was captured by the Colossus Titan, and so joined the Survey Corps in order to combat them. He eventually rose to become squad captain of the Special Operations Squad within the Survey Corps, where he worked alongside Erwin Smith and became known as humanity’s strongest soldier due to his incredible physical strength, combat skills, and knowledge of how to effectively kill Titans.

Levi Ackerman’s Strength:

Levi Ackerman
   Levi Ackerman

Being able to kill a Titan alone in less than three minutes places Levi Ackerman at an extreme level of strength. He demonstrates his superior abilities to finish off Titans by using his dual blades to eliminate them before they have a chance to regenerate. Levi Ackerman has been seen jumping very high and far distances with great speed.

He is also able to cut through multiple buildings without slowing down as well as take down giants twice his size easily when working in conjunction with others.

The Levi Ackerman speed is rivaled only by Erin Jaeger but he prefers not to use it against humans due to its devastating nature . In battle, Levi utilizes a berserker state after activating his Titan form his movements are much faster than those of normal humans for some time. During said state his movement speeds had appeared much like those of Eren’s who was transforming for the first time.

Although he does display enhanced physical capabilities during attacks from opponents there is no evidence that suggests actual regeneration capabilities from damage inflicted though upon transformation blood may exit wounds on some occasions which would suggest cellular regeneration or healing properties present within transformed Titans or perhaps all Progenitor Titans possess these traits. It seems possible that even while not transformed he can fight like a trained athlete given his skill. It is also shown that Levi doesn’t tire out as quickly as regular humans do, given how long he was engaged in combat without any rest.

Available Information/History Levi Ackerman past prior to joining the Survey Corps remains largely unknown even to him himself. What is known about his childhood is that he was found in a mass of titan corpses by Keith Shadis at a young age and was raised as a member of his branch family alongside other orphans.

Keith Shadis took it upon himself to train and raise these children into functioning members of society in order for them not to live their lives in fear of Titans like many others did, but instead to learn how to kill them in an effort keep humanity safe from their constant threat.

It is shown that he grew up with some resentment towards Eren Jeager who was socially well liked despite both being around each other often since their early childhoods yet it seems Levi Ackerman disliked Eren more than he did anyone else which may have developed due to his exclusion by others in his group.

Levi Ackerman ́s Weapons:

Levi Ackerman takes great pride in his skills as a soldier and is devoted to protecting humanity from Titans. He did not hesitate to kill them, even after being tortured by them for several years. Additionally, Levi possesses superhuman strength surpassing most other soldiers. However, he claimed that he had nothing special about him besides his will to live and survive at all costs. All of these claims were proven wrong when Erin Yeager managed to see into Levi’s past during their two year long expedition outside of Wall Rose.

It was revealed that before joining Survey Corps, Levi Ackerman was part of an elite Special Operations Squad named the Special Operation Squad, led by Captain Erwin Smith. During one operation in District 20 where they were tasked with saving Dot Pixie ́ daughter, who was kidnapped and hidden within her father’s mansion which caught fire, Erwin ordered Levi to enter through a ventilation shaft above one of rooms on second floor so he could clear it out without letting any Titan inside know they are inside while others would draw away attention from them.

This convinced Levi that human cannot beat Titans or else there wouldn’t be a need for those with power like him to exist. In short time three of five remaining members were killed, leaving only Levi and Captain Erwin.

Instead of feeling desperate or thinking it impossible since everyone already gave up he found joy in fact no matter how hopeless situation can get if you’re strong enough you can achieve anything. After some time passed they came upon realization that if they don’t do something soon Female Titan will move away from cave opening where sunlight was able to reach inside which prevented titan-shifters abilities  to work properly because sunlight stops them functioning and forces them back into human form eventually burning what’s left of them alive should sun ever set completely.

How did Levi become known as the Strongest?

Levi’s training under Keith Shades made him into a model soldier, including extensive hand-to-hand combat training to supplement his superior physical strength. Additionally, Levi Ackerman combat prowess has been honed through countless missions during whom he had no place to rest or retreat.

His stamina is equally noteworthy after a mission in which Erin was kidnapped and nearly killed by human traffickers working for Marley, and Armin lost his footing on a roof and sprained his ankle trying to rescue him from kidnappers intent on selling them both as slaves whereupon Levi tracked them down and slew all of them singlehandedly Erin commented that it would have been nice if [they] had someone like around for their previous raid against pirates.

Case in point: when they arrived at Liborio, while most Survey Corps members were worried about gaining control over their emotions at seeing Titans so close again and losing themselves in anger and revenge.

Levi instead tried to remind them about what  had said: even though humanity may be cornered, but nothing short of total annihilation will bring a final end to humanity’s existence. In other words, Levi takes a lot of things into consideration and keeps his head clear even under pressure.


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