What is the Media Takeout website about?

The Media Takeout website is about celebrity news and gossip. The website primarily targets African American celebrities, and its home page consists of various celebrity news headlines and comments.

The website collects its news from anonymous media resources and tips. It comprises four sections: home, archives, advertising, and accounts. The archives section features old celebrity news, while the advertising section allows subscribers to request video and advertising information. The accounts section allows returning users to log in and new users create accounts, which is a requirement to post a discussion or comment.

Media Takeout reaches a high percentage of the African American population on a daily basis and claims that it is “the most visited urban website in the world.” Fred Mwangaguhunga, a former corporate attorney, launched the website in January 2006.

Special features have been cited by Good Morning America, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, The New York Times, BET Style, MTV News, and the “Page Six” segment of the New York Post, and by radio characters including Wendy Williams, Howard Stern, and Tom Joyner. Media Take Out has broken a few stories, including Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy, Remy Ma’s criminal accusations and Michael Jordan’s divorce. Mwangaguhunga has expressed, “We get 90% of our accounts from insiders hoping to give everything away like beauticians, guardians or unpleasant ex-girlfriends”.


Law Suit On Mediatakeout

Kim Kardashian has filed a lawsuit in the Court of New York (the city in which she has taken refuge since the robbery) against the website , which claimed that she faked the millionaire jewelry theft. “After being the victim of a terrible and traumatic armed robbery in France, Kim Kardashian returned to the United States only to be a victim again, but this time for an online gossip tabloid that published a series of articles in early October calling her of “liar and thief,” say the papers presented in court Source: theinternationalists. These are the first words in which Kardashian talks about the robbery, which she describes as traumatic as people close to her had already done

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