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What’s the story behind Mirajane Strauss?

Mirajane Strauss (ミラジェーン・ストラウス Mirajēn Sutorausu) was born in year X778, the younger sister of Lisanna and Elfman, and the older sister of Elfman. She’s an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, as well as its drawing card, and is often a model for the Sorcerer Magazine.

Who is in love with Mirajane?

Quite a few characters, actually. Some of them are obvious; Laxus Dreyar, for example, has been infatuated with her since they were children. His attempts to win her heart ended in failure because she already had feelings for someone else: Natsu Dragneel. A lot of people believe that Lucy Heartfilia is also in love with Mirajane because of how close their relationship is and how much time they spend together in various guild activities.

The Mirajane Strauss are also those who think that Levy McGarden has a crush on her as well—which could be partially due to shipping, but it’s undeniable that these two get along really well and have been shown spending quite a bit of time together as well. Then you have Gajeel Redfox, who seems to harbor some sort of admiration for her. And finally, there’s Wendy Marvell… Many fans think that she might like Mirajane too because of how protective she acts around her. Of course, it could just be out of respect or friendship, but what do you guys think?

Let us know in the comments! Oh, and if you’re wondering why there’s no mention of Lisanna here, then it’s probably because she never shows any interest in anyone. Even when Natsu asks her if she likes him during his battle against Elfman after seeing Lisanna kiss him back when he saved her from being turned into an iron statue by Evergreen, Lisanna doesn’t respond at all. That being said, even though Lisanna didn’t answer Natsu’s question directly (she instead asked him if he was jealous), some fans still ship her with him. I guess we’ll never know until Hiro Mashima decides to answer our questions himself!

Why is Mirajane so weak?

mirajane strauss
                         Mirajane strauss

Mirajane Strauss disconnect between how Fairy Tail fans view Mirajane and her actual in-story character. On one hand, she’s one of The Ten Wizard Saints. She controls incredibly destructive Magic with ease, despite not having much magical power. And fans love her more than any other character in Fairy Tail (except maybe Natsu).

But if you actually read through Fairy Tail, then you know there’s a big discrepancy between how people see Mirajane and how she appears in canon. Of course, appears to be all we can go on here because, for most of her early life in Fairy Tail, she was possessed by evil magic that prevented her from controlling herself or being aware of what was going on around her. So while she may have appeared weak, it wasn’t really her fault. It wasn’t until Lucy Heartfilia defeated Erza Knightwalker that Mirajane got back to normal.

That said, even when Mami Tomoe was defeated and everyone thought everything would be okay again, it didn’t take long before they realized just how weak Mirajane had become after losing control of herself so many times. As such, it only makes sense to ask: Why is Mirajane so weak? Well…

What is the strongest form of Mirajane?

Mirajane Strauss (ドラゴンドライブ Doragon Doraibu) is a combination of her two strongest forms. When wearing these outfits, she grows a pair of large white-feathered wings on her back and gains the Fairy Tail symbol, which appears to be made of some sort of crystal, embedded in her forehead. Her hair also becomes longer and more feathery and is tied by ribbons at either side into pigtails. The outfit itself resembles that of an idol or a pop star. In addition to these changes, when wearing these outfits, she can use her Solid Script.

Fire script with ease while being completely motionless (unlike in Seith Magic), making it appear as though she is singing without actually moving at all. This form was first seen during her fight against Azuma, where she used it to defeat him. This form was shown again during her battle against Laxus Dreyar, where she used it to defeat him as well. According to Mirajane herself, using both forms simultaneously multiplies their power exponentially. She can easily cast very powerful spells such as Satan Soul: Sitri Fists with little effort due to them being multiplied. It has been said that only three members have ever seen Dragon Force and lived: Makarov, Erza Scarlet, and Jura Neekis.

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