Museum of Jurassic Technology

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The Museum of Jurassic Technology can be found in Los Angeles, California and has been around since about 1989, although it wasn’t officially created until 1993. For those who don’t know, the museum contains original artifacts, many of which were found by founder David Wilson in his travels around the world as well as pieces owned by other people and acquired through donations and trades. Some of these objects are over 400 years old, while others date back less than 100 years or so.

What is the Museum of Jurassic Technology?

It’s a question that most people will struggle to answer, because few can even get inside its impenetrable walls. It’s so difficult to visit that you need a personal connection to be granted entry. This is how it has always been.

Since then, we’ve become good friends, our friendship bonded by long conversations about literature and art as well as an obsession with music and pop culture—things that inspire him just as much as they do me. As with many things, his passion for Museum of Jurassic Technology all started with David Lynch. Apparently, back in 1994 Lynch and his wife were driving down Venice Boulevard; he saw a sign for an exhibit that was going on at MOT called Unbowed and decided to go check it out.

A little while later he returned with Jennifer Chambers Lynch to attend their event at Museum of Jurassic Technology. That night inspired him so much that he returned again and again—eventually becoming close friends with some museum curators who allowed him access behind closed doors.

He knew exactly where to take me because he’d tried to bring me there before after a film screening last year where I hadn’t been able to make it due to other commitments. But now I had no excuse not see what lay behind those imposing steel gates and around those corner turns. We arrived outside at 11am sharp as instructed: only ten minutes late.

There wasn’t a queue or any signage in sight. All we could see were two glass doors underneath an ornate metal gate – like something from Aladdin or Robin Hood – but without any signs telling us what was beyond.

In fact, when we approached one door closer, it appeared locked and there was nobody anywhere nearby to ask. Just as we thought maybe coming here so early had been pointless and should leave? We turned around to see two young women walking towards us: Holly Hudson and Elisa Pinsk  also known as Dream Jumper  who work as exhibition designers at Museum of Jurassic Technology.

How did you know we were here? I asked, thinking it was pretty incredible that of all days to turn up, we’d managed to arrive at a time when someone would actually meet us at that door. I’m waiting for someone, she replied. They’re running late. Let me know if you want to come in and wait with me. Please tell me that isn’t your house over there.

So we went in and followed her to a small house tucked behind Museum of Jurassic Technology. Inside are a series of replica living rooms from different eras — each meticulously designed so it looks as though time hasn’t moved since: everything is set in period.

How to visit the museum:

The Museum of Jurassic Technology is located at 9341 Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA. They are open Monday through Thursday from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Friday through Sunday from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. The museum is free to visit but they do not accept monetary donations.

You may bring food if you like, though smoking and cell phones are prohibited. They have a small kitchen available for anyone who’d like to make their own lunch. If you want to visit while it’s closed, check out their store which is usually open during business hours.

One thing you’ll notice about most docents is that although some will have been working there for years, most volunteer only once or twice. This is a good way to get involved with something interesting on short notice; people often sign up online when things become slowly so keep checking back from time to time until you find something interesting.

Finally, please refrain from talking loudly. Many exhibits aren’t soundproofed and it really disrupts everyone else’s experience. Remember, being quiet isn’t just polite here; silence is literally golden here since recorded music isn’t allowed. The Museum of Jurassic Technology is wheelchair accessible by elevator in addition to ramps throughout. I’ve also noticed walkers aren’t a problem either as long as you can manage stairs.

What will you see inside?

Museum of Jurassic Technology Even if you’re a hardened skeptic, you’ll be amazed at some of what you see. But even if it all turns out to be fake, everything is put together in such a way that makes it really feel like an experience. As someone who studied film in college and for whom reality is always relative, I can honestly say it was one of my favorite non-fiction experiences ever. The entire museum could fit inside my apartment so take some time to appreciate how much effort was put into each room.

And when you’re done marveling over Einstein’s brain, go across the street to LASO plating & electroplating company where you can get work done on your teeth or body. My only complaint about that place is that I wish their counter top was made out of dinosaur bones.

Cell signaling Technology ,That would’ve been cool, or amazing, or incredible. I guess there’s no right word but still pretty amazing! And also unforgettable if someone remembers to bring their camera because let me tell you something if you do not have pictures or video evidence of your time spent in museums then it never happened.

We are surrounded by history and mystery everywhere you look whether it’s Los Angeles or Hollywood everyone has a story to tell. So don’t spend your life wondering why people pay celebrities millions of dollars for playing pretend with their life live YOUR life trying new things doing fun activities having adventures becoming famous inventing useful things creating intellectual content learning more about yourself reaching higher for success becoming more resilient living forever! Because trust me, nothing lasts forever.

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