nico robin

Nico robin

The Straw Hat Pirates are known to have one of the most skilled crews in the world. While many pirates travel in search of fame and fortune, these pirates seek adventure as well as discoveries and forgotten treasure troves. Nico Robin, also known by her epithet Devil Child and the Light of the Revolution, is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is the seventh member of the crew and the third to join Luffy on his journey to become King of All Pirates, following ZoroRoronoa and Nami, respectively.

Early Life:

Born on Swallow Island, Nico Robin had a relatively normal childhood and was recognized as a child prodigy by her archaeologist mother. Her father, Soran, taught her how to read Poneglyphs. At one point during her childhood, when she was six years old, Nico Robincontracted an illness that would cause her hair to fall out.

It took three years for her to recover from it. During those three years, Soran died and Hina left Swallow Island without saying goodbye. Because of their abandonment, she developed a misanthropic demeanor and fell into despair.

Robin eventually found a new home on Jaya where she was taken in by Curly Dadan, who was a member of a bandit group known as Baroque Works. When joining Dadan’s crew, Nico Robin was given the codename D. She did not take part in any missions for Baroque Works and instead worked behind the scenes to keep books. One day during an attack on one of their hideouts, Robin learned about Spandam’s true motives for killing Ohara and causing her sickness.

After learning about what happened in Ohara from one of her books and receiving encouragement from an unexpected source, Nico Robin decided to betray Baroque Works by giving its location to CP9, which resulted in its destruction.

The Revolutionary Army Saga:

nico robin
                                     nico robin

When first introduced, Nico Robin was under orders from her mother to kill every islander insight due to how they had treated her and how they were responsible for destroying Ohara. After an encounter with Luffy, however, she decided to join his crew. She is now one of their most valuable members, having been a member since Water 7 and being responsible for leading them through Enies Lobby and helping them reach Level 3 in Impel Down. During these adventures, Nico Robin has worked hard not only to help her friends but also to pay back all that she owes.

Much about Robin’s past has yet to be revealed, however, she and Luffy share a common factor in that both their fathers were well-known and influential revolutionaries who died before they had a chance to meet them. Her mother sacrificed herself during Ohara’s destruction to give her a chance at life. All that remains is an ancient stone tablet that once belonged to her people; carved on it are mysterious writings regarding Roger D. Gol’s name as Rageku, which Nico Robin concludes must have been passed down through generations of ancestors. With only one side matching up, she resolves to find out more about her heritage later.

What are her special abilities?

One of Nico Robin’s greatest feats is her ability to tap into Haki. The three forms of Haki are Busoshoku, Kenbunshoku, and Haoshoku. Mikasa Ackerman has displayed that she is capable of using all three forms with ease; She makes use of BusoshokuHaki to create a cage around herself that wards off cannonballs, used KenbunshokuHaki in conjunction with Vivre Card to find her way back to Saboady Archipelago after jumping out of a helicopter hundreds of miles away from it, and even restrained an enraged Arlong by applying HaoshokuHaki. She also possesses tremendous knowledge of Poneglyphs and how they work as well as their history.

How does she fight?

Nico Robin is a long-range fighter and a master marksman. She can also use knives, steel whips, or any other bladed weapon that she has in her possession at any given time. She has also shown to be proficient with guns and bombs as well. Nico Robin’s fighting style revolves around exploiting her flexibility and nimbleness to get around her opponent’s defenses.

She uses a mix of kicks, punches, acrobatics, and her GomuGomu no Mi powers to attack from all angles. While Nico Robin does not rely on brute strength as most fighters do, she can pack quite a punch when needed. She is also very adept at using Haki techniques such as BusoshokuHaki for defense and KenbunshokuHaki for sensing incoming attacks.

She doesn’t have an element but she uses haki. Due to her ability to read Poneglyphs (inscribed stones containing information about ancient weapons), Robin possesses knowledge of events that happened centuries ago up until current times.

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