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Ojai News

The Ojai News Website was created primarily to create a free newsweekly that would cover the Ojai Valley, CA area.

Our first step was to contact local business owners and find out what they wanted to see in the paper. Then we would work with them on articles and photos.  Next, we worked with several local writers and photographers to create interesting stories and photos.

Ojai News

The Ojai News is a community newspaper and a digital community platform that is an advocate of informed and engaged citizens. We believe that informed and engaged citizens who care about the people and places in their community are the greatest asset to the Ojai News.

Ojai Valley News is the community newspaper serving Ventura County. Since 1891, we are your online resource for local news, Ventura County crime, police blotter and more. Plus, we offer in-depth coverage of the Ojai Valley, Calabasas, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, Oxnard and Malibu, including local sports, arts, entertainment, business and real estate daily.

In a small town like Ojai, it can be hard to keep up to date on everything that’s going on. But the Ojai Valley Guide has been covering the Ojai Valley for over 100 years and has been reporting on everything from local sports to real estate to local businesses. There’s a reason it’s been in Ojai for over a century and there’s a reason it has the largest readership in the area. Here’s a look at what the Ojai Valley Guide has to offer.

The Ojai Valley News is an independent community newspaper serving the Ojai Valley, California and surrounding area since 1891. The Ojai News is the makers of the Ojai Valley Guide magazine and the Ojai Valley Weekly, local news and events calendar.

Blog about  Ojai, California. Community news .Ojai Valley Guide®, a monthly magazine, is a local source of News, Sports, Real Estate, Classifieds, Community and Lifestyle in Ojai and the Surrounding area.

This blog covers the community news in the Ojai Valley and beyond, including sports, entertainment and culture. We’ve been writing and publishing local news since 1891, and our newspaper is part of the Ojai Valley Media Group with our sister publications: Ojai News Guide magazine, and the Ojai Real Estate Weekly.

The Ojai Valley News has been serving Ojai Valley since 1891 and has been the local newspaper of choice for Ojai residents and businesses since. We also publish a weekly real estate magazine, weekly business directory and Ojai Valley Real Estate Weekly. On the News & Views page, you can find stories from all over the Ojai Valley. Ojai News We encourage readers to comment and join the community conversation by adding their voice to the conversation.

The Ojai News is the Ojai Valley’s only locally owned newspaper since 1891. Our mission is to provide the community of Ojai and surrounding areas with the latest news and to promote the local businesses. This is a newspaper but it is also an online presence that provides information that is current and available to everyone.

Why Is Ojai Spiritual

Ojai News , The Santa Monica Mountains were the site of a sacred burial ground of the Chumash Indians. It is also home to Mediation Mount and Pepperdine University. There are many activities in the area for residents and visitors alike.

People who live in Malibu and surrounding areas have a lot of good reasons to be proud of their area. Malibu is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Ojai News, It has been the site of numerous TV and movie studios, including Paramount Studios and is the home of Meditation Mount. It is also one of the most scenic and exciting places around.

The Mount was destroyed by an arsonist in 1980 after an ugly dispute between a local landowner and a group of Druids, who had been involved in a lawsuit over its use as a religious site. Thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers, the Mount has been rebuilt. Visit our website

The Tuolumne Hills have a beautiful terrain and offer scenic views. One of the most unique features of this area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is a lava dome that is flat on top. This dome is called the Table Rock.

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