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Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews Is it Scam? The report will give a precise analysis of the company’s website that sells clothes and accessories. Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd is a website that sells fashionable clothing to kids, men, and women. The company has been online for many months and their reviews will tell you if they are reliable or not- so read on!

The osmose technology may seem like it’s from India, but there are some aspects of this site that need to be analyzed thoroughly. We will help you understand those points and then decide if the product is legitimate or not before making any purchases on your end!

You need to know about its legitimacy before spending any money or sharing any vital details. It’s essential in today’s world of continuous scamming going on the internet, so I’ll help you understand those aspects and then only shop finally!

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd: Company Profile, Plan (2021)

Osmose Technology is a new, MCA registered Ecommerce Shopping and Service-based MLM company which was started in 2019. They claim to give Mercedes cars as well as other high-end items such as homes or yachts to their sellers by providing an innovative plan for them that can’t be found elsewhere on the market today!

Company NameOsmose Technology Private Limited
DirectorsShubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar,
Prashant Ramchandra Roundale,
Vijay Baburao Mahajan
AddressOffice No. 4D/E, S.NO. 17/1B P.NO. 14, Devgiri Area, Kothrud Pune Pune MH 411038 IN
WebsiteOsmosetech.com OR

By the way, sorry to say Osmose Technology is not on the list of Legal Direct Selling companies in India. It can be called a Service-Based MLM company and according to me, this kind of business does seem Good because it encourages people to invest money daily basis while shopping at its eCommerce website Osmarket (Probably This Website Is Closed Now).

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Joining Fees

To join and activate your Osmose ID, you have to pay Rs. 1200 for an individual membership or 1800 if it’s a family plan – this covers one person in the network at once but there are discounts available if more than 1 member joins under them (up to two). You also get access to some free training videos on YouTube so all of us will learn how best to use these tools together!).

You might be wondering:

What are the ways in which I can earn money with Osmose technology?”.

We’re going to cover that in our next Headline…

Income Plan For Osmose Technology

Osmose Technology Private Limited is a company that gives money to its members. There are three ways they can get this cash, including selling products on the website and completing offers for credits in exchange for some work or service from an advertiser who sponsors OST’s free trial period (a common reload offer). A fourth method might be if you have over 500 likes which seems like it would take quite a while but I guess anything could happen!

  • Earnings every day
  • by referring others
  • through Promotion Offers

So let’s check out the different types.

Earnings Every Day:

As we know, if you want to join Osmose Technology and get paid for 4 months with Daily Income from the company’s account then it will cost 1200 RS.

However, there is a condition.

  1. It is necessary to use one of Osmose Technology’s Social Media apps, Pickflick, for some time daily up to 20 days.
  2. Osmose Technology Company offers 3 coupons for Rs. 400 each, which can be used for shopping on the portal after paying the same ID.
  3. It is important to remember that Osmos Technology Company will activate your ID for 4 months once you pay them Rs. 1800.
  4. In addition, in order to increase income from this company, you need to grab more promotional offers, as I showed in the next point.

by referring others:

According to Osmose Technology, you will receive 1-7 Rupees per joining a new member into your downline. The amount increases according to the level of referral income someone has made for themself. But here I am not seeing any Free Joining option? You have got pay at least 1200 bucks before anyone can join this program!

This table shows how much money and members a company has at various levels. You can see that as you level up, the payments increase by small amounts until they reach $50K for Unlimited Level Teams!

through Promotion Offers:

Osmose Technology has two types of income for its members. Promotional Offer Income is given out to individuals who meet certain conditions, like having an active account with them and making purchases from their website or app store (which may include affiliate links). The second type comes in the form of prize money; it can be received as soon as you sign up!

The process through which one obtains these rewards isn’t too difficult but there are some terms laid down so please read carefully before signing up- otherwise what looks good on paper might become tricky when executed.

  1. As a reward, the company gives them an Android phone if they recruit 100 qualified recruits into their Downline within a month.
  2. They receive a prize of 1 lakh rupees as a down payment if they recruit 1000 active people into their downline within two months.
  3. The prize provided by Osmose is one of the largest prizes. The company offers a car reward of Rs. 10 lakh if a member joins more than 10000 people within two months. Having said that, it is probably not easy for a new member.
  4. Finally, if an associate member attracts 100,000 or more active members in their downline in 4 months, the company rewards them with a 1BHK flat and 1 Mercedes car. In addition, this Task is very difficult for all members, whether they are new or old.

Osmose Technology Review: My View Point

I have spoken to you about Osmose Technology Company and their plan. I am not forcing you into this company, but before investing money in any venture like that be sure it is legitimate since our time is more valuable than anything else!

First, of all This Osmos technology business isn’t registered with the Direct Selling Association (DSA) as per my research; thus they cannot come upon these lists quickly either because only new companies are allowed access until they’ve been validated by DSA membership requirements… Or maybe there’s some other reason why ours hasn’t made its way onto theirs yet?

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd FAQs

I am a resident of India and have been working for Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd. I love this company because it is one of the few companies in India that has an excellent work-life balance. This means that we are able to spend more time with our families, which makes us happier workers!

Who Is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd?

Osmose Technology is a new Non-Government Ecommerce Shopping and Service based company that was started in 2019. It has already received MCA registration status, proving its commitment towards compliance with all norms set by laws regarding the eCommerce industry.

Who Founded Osmose Technology?

Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar, a Director at Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd is responsible for new product development and marketing strategies.

In his spare time, he has been an active member in the Open Source initiatives of industry bodies such as FICCI-BIM Alliance or Nasscom representing IT Business Council India’s interests on issues related to digital economy policymaking.

Final Thoughts:

I hope, from this article you understand about Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd. How the company works and what their plan is? In addition to that, I have shared my personal thoughts on it as well! Maybe This Company has Closed Now.”

I want to know what you think:

Are you already a member of Osmose Technology without knowing the truth?

If so, tell us in the comments.

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