I hate when people confuse education with intelligence

I hate when people confuse education with intelligence

This blog explores why education may not equal intelligence. I believe that one may be able to outdo others because of their education but intelligence is completely different and this cannot be measured by looking at the qualifications a person holds. People confuse education with intelligence is more about the understanding of the subject.

It is about acquiring skills and knowledge to perform better and gain more. Intelligence is a different thing entirely. Intelligence is all about being able to use the information that one holds correctly. It is about the way we process and analyze information and come to a conclusion. I hate when people confuse education with intelligence. I have written a blog post on this topic and included it here.

The reason behind this confusion

In this day and age, it is very easy to people confuse education with intelligence. This is because a lot of people will go to a top university and then try to brag about it whenever they get the chance. This is not to say that having a degree makes you unintelligent, but you need to understand that there are a lot of people out there with degrees that are not very bright.

An example of this was the movie star Steve Martin in his movie “The Jerk”. He supporter of hunter education was highly educated but lacked the intelligence to succeed. This blog will look at the importance of intelligence and how it is the ability to understand and solve problems. It will also highlight reasons why people confuse education with intelligence does not necessarily translate to intelligence.

Education is not the same as intelligence

We’ve all had those teachers in school who would just read the book to us. They would say the same things over and over again, never letting us give our own ideas about the topic. Or maybe you remember the teachers who gave you a study guide for an exam that was exactly the same every time, even though you never actually had the same test.

These teachers are probably what made you hate school. If you go to a university in Canada, you’re bound to come across professors who sound like the teachers from your high school. They’re the ones who stand in the front of the class and read off of a script. The ones who don’t know how to make students think. But what most students don’t realize is that there are many ways to teach students and many ways to learn.

 Education is not the same as knowledge

I may have a Ph.D., but that doesn’t make me intelligent. In fact, I know a lot of people with PhDs who are not intelligent. I have even known PhDs who have been terrible professors and who have been terrible at teaching. I have seen people with PhDs who are not well-educated: they may have a diploma on the wall but they don’t know anything. So it is clear that people confuse education with intelligence is not the same as intelligence. In fact, many people are not educated but are intelligent.

 Education is not the same as wisdom

When I say that education is not the same as wisdom, I mean that one can be educated and not wise, and one can be wise and not educated. Because of the confusion between these two words, I’ve decided to write this blog post to clarify the difference between them. It seems that a lot of people have the wrong impression about education.

They think that it’s all about the number of degrees you have, the number of books you’ve read, the number of languages you know, and so on. But the truth is that all of this is not the same as wisdom. Education is a process of learning, and wisdom is a process of getting rid of bad habits. Education teaches us what to do, and wisdom teaches us what not to do. Education is about acquiring knowledge, and wisdom is about learning how to use it. Education teaches us what is true, and wisdom teaches us what is false. Education is about getting experience, and wisdom is about learning from experience.

 Education is not the same as expertise

Just because a person has a high-paying, high-end job doesn’t mean they are highly educated. I was once told that I was not intelligent enough to be a writer. I was told this by a person who has a lot of diplomas (but not a lot of common sense). I was a college dropout at that time. Today, I am a blogger. I am a sought-after writer. I don’t need to be a college graduate to make a name for myself as a writer.

As a matter of fact, I don’t need to be a college graduate to be a journalist. I have a lot of friends in the journalism industry. Many of them are excellent writers and journalists. They have never been to college. They have never taken up a degree in journalism.

 Education is not the same as credentials

Society people confuse education with intelligence, which is why people who have earned credentials are often viewed as intelligent, whereas those who have not been perceived as unintelligent. In the eyes of the world, supporter of hunter education a person’s credentials make them intelligent, while not having any means they are unintelligent. This is furthest from the truth.

Education and intelligence are two different things. While education is important, intelligence allows you to be successful. It is possible to be highly educated and yet still lack the mental capacity needed to be successful. That’s why I hate when people confuse education with intelligence.

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