RocaNews, is a content studio that delivers the world’s most interesting news via Instagram and its daily morning newsletter. RocaNews, inspires visually and creatively, captivating a global audience. The creative team of copywriters, designers and photographers find a way to deliver unforgettable content as well as inspiring visuals and stories.

RocaNews, curates stories from the world’s leading news outlets, including BBC, The New York Times, The Economist and many more. RocaNews stories are accompanied by stunning original photography and are published as an Instagram Story and a daily morning email.

RocaNews, is the world’s most interesting news media outlet because it delivers news to its audience in an interesting format. It’s a simple formula and an interesting concept. This blog will look at how you can use Instagram to drive more traffic to your site, build your brand and create a viral following.

Every day, an international team of editors finds the most interesting stories from the world’s best news sources and delivers them to 3 million readers. It’s a tough job curating the 24/7 news cycle, but at RocaNews , we’re working hard to make it a little easier for you.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform, with over 500 million users and counting. It’s also the second largest medium after Facebook. This makes Instagram a must-have social tool for any brand.

Founded by social media expert, RocaNews,  delivers the world’s most interesting news via Instagram and its daily morning newsletter. Follow us to be part of the daily news cycle and connect with people who care about the world and those who live in it.


Many of us rely on our favorite newsletter to wake up and get our daily dose of news. Whether it is from The New York Times or our local newspaper we want the news that matters to us. RocaNews, is a new platform that delivers interesting news to your inbox every day via email.

RocaNews is an AI-powered social media news aggregator delivering the world’s most interesting national and international news via Instagram and its daily morning newsletter. RocaNews, selects the best of the world’s media, covering all topics from A to Z.

RocaNews is a daily newsletter that delivers the world’s most interesting news to subscribers via Instagram. RocaNews is the only newsletter to highlight news sources in a visually-appealing, digestible manner. Also, RocaNews, is the only newsletter to highlight Instagram posts by individual journalists in their own words.

What Does Roca News Do:

RocaNews,  Instagram and email are two important channels that Roca, an international news outlet, uses to deliver its content to its global audience. To power those channels, Roca uses, which is a cloud-based artificial intelligence solution that writes articles for businesses and news organizations. In this blog, we will take a deeper look at how Roca uses to power its Instagram and email channels and how is helping Roca deliver concise, non-partisan news to its global audience.

Roca is a media company that delivers concise, non-partisan news to its global audience through Instagram and email. In just a year, they have built a sizable Instagram following of over 90K users. We were able to connect with their CEO, Jonathan Politis, to learn more about how they’re growing their following and what advice they have for other businesses seeking to expand their online presence.

To date, over 100 million people have seen Roca’s content globally and they are now working to grow the reach of this content. Roca feeds users information that is succinct, thought provoking and not tied to any political party or affiliation. The stories and images that Roca share cover a broad range of topics including US and global politics, culture, entertainment, business and life.

The purpose of the blog is to provide users with information, which is designed to provide them with a better understanding of today’s world.

RocaNews, delivers concise, non-partisan news to its global audience through Instagram and email.

More than 500m people read Roca News stories each month, in 10 languages. With a global team of 40 full-time journalists and contributors, Roca News produces news in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian and Bahasa Malaysia.

Roca News is a nonprofit organization with offices in Sydney, Paris and New York. Roca News is supported by the Atkinson Foundation, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, the Bordier Foundation, the Burdett

Roca is a Spanish language global media organization focused on delivering concise, non-partisan news to its global audience through Instagram, Twitter, and email. Through Roca’s social media, we are able to deliver news in our followers’ native language to users who are interested in global issues, and we do so with the utmost integrity.


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