Sailor Mars

What is the story of Sailor Mars?

Sailor Mars, also known as Rei Hino, was the fourth Sailor Senshi to be discovered by Usagi Tsukino and the second Sailor Senshi to join the group. She appeared in the manga’s third story arc and in all versions of the anime series. Her attacks are based around fire, heat, and energy and she has powers involving her animal guardian, Fire Lion, Takeo, whom she can summon through her compact. In the manga, she dies during the destruction of Death Phantom at the hands of Sailor Galaxia but eventually is resurrected like all other people who were killed by Galaxia.

Who is Sailor Mars in love with?

Sailor Mars When Rei was very young, she was found by a group of priests on a mountainside near Azabu-Juuban. The leader of these priests took her in and gave her shelter, but kept her isolated from others, along with three other children he had saved from certain death in various circumstances (Rei’s companions were Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus). He intended to train them as his personal assassins. Over time, Rei lost all memory of her life before being found by them, just knowing that she was raised by these kind priests who called themselves the House of Ail. As such, she came to believe that killing people for their sins was noble cause.

Sailor Mars This led to conflict between herself and Jadeite, who wanted revenge against both Usagi and Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask for foiling his plans during previous encounters. After Jadeite died during their final confrontation against him, Sailor Mars officially joined Usagi’s team. In subsequent battles against enemies like Zoisite, Kunzite and Queen Beryl herself, Rei gained two additional attacks: Crescent Beam Shower in season one; and Supreme Thunder Dragon Attack in season two.

During each battle though, she also suffered from intense headaches due to possession by Pharaoh 90. Once freed from its control, she used her power to seal it away within herself forever. At some point later, Rei began dating Yuuichirou Kumada and eventually moved in with him.

Eventually however, she broke up with Yuuichirou because of his controlling nature towards her. It is unknown if they ever got back together or if they remain broken up today. Rei’s personality in both her civilian and Senshi forms is quiet, serious, and introverted.

She keeps her true feelings to herself, hiding behind her school uniform mask of indifference. Rei was originally portrayed as having no friends or hobbies outside of work and prayer, aside from going to Juuban Junior High School. But she gradually opens up more throughout Sailor Mars S and SuperS. Rei has a number of close friendships throughout Sailor Moon including ones with Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury) and Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter). Rei’s relationship with Usagi/Sailor Moon was initially characterized by hostility, since she believed that Usagi was getting in her way of fulfilling her mission to find Princess Kakyuu.

What religion is Sailor Mars?

Sailor Mars
                                  Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars religion isn’t specified, but she seems to have a spiritual affinity for Shinto, as seen in her use of sacred items (such as Shinto incense and prayers). She also keeps a wooden figurine of what looks like the goddess Inari, who is often associated with agricultural prosperity. Rei prays to Inari before most battles, asking that she be victorious. Since Rei’s family has traditionally been involved in Shinto ritual and priest duties, it makes sense that she would practice some aspects of it. But because Rei was raised by an ordinary couple after being abandoned by her parents, it’s likely that she doesn’t practice any formal religion. It may just be something she does on her own.

Rei Hino was born on August 20th at 7:00 AM in Juuban district Tokyo Japan. Her mother died when she was very young and all that remains of her are memories and photographs; therefore, Rei lives alone with only one other person: Naru Osaka (Sailor Jupiter). Her father works overseas so he can support them both financially from afar. She attends Juuban Municipal High School where she studies academics and music. She enjoys writing poetry and singing, which may explain why she’s always seen carrying a microphone around with her everywhere she goes. She also loves reading tarot cards for people during their lunch break or after school hours.

Rei and Usagi were two of my favorite characters in Sailor Moon. Rei was always very mysterious, even at first glance; she seemed to wear a permanent scowl on her face and always dressed entirely in black, not to mention her generally aloof attitude towards everyone around her.

The fact that she’s the Shinto Priestess and can wield fire powers against her enemies made her an especially intriguing character (and an awesome fighter). Usopp My only issue with Rei was that I felt like she could have been a much stronger character if we had gotten to see more than just one side of her personality – or at least a different side every once in a while.

Why does Sailor Mars wear heels?

Aside from looking awesome, Rei’s heels allow her to bring more power to her jumps. They serve as a personal form of motivation, reminding her that she can jump higher and kick butt just like any guy. As Rei’s attacks often use jumping kicks and aerial maneuvers, it makes sense that they’d need some additional height. She also wears them because they’re super cute and fit with her overall style!

In addition to making you more physically powerful, heels make you feel more confident – which certainly helps when fighting monsters. The extra height they provide gives Sailor Mars an advantage over her opponents, allowing her to attack first while maintaining safety in numbers (since if one person falls down, there are others who can help).

All in all, wearing heels is a very practical choice for someone in Rei’s line of work. So yes, we can say that Sailor Mars does wear heels because they look cool and add power to her kicks. But those aren’t their only purpose; they help her fight better too! What do you think about Sailor Mars’ heels? Are they practical or impractical footwear for a super heroine?

Let us know in the comments below Sailor Mars We want to hear your thoughts on our heroine’s footwear err, feet gear! If you enjoyed reading about Sailor Mars’ high-heeled boots, check out these posts next: For fans of anime: Top 10 Anime Romance Storylines Ever.

Rei Hino has two love interests throughout most of her run in the series. Although not exactly traditional romantic love stories, both men play key roles in shaping Rei into a stronger person. Even though romance isn’t necessarily Rei’s main focus, Naoko Takeuchi wove beautiful stories into each character’s background to give them added depth and complexity. Now that I’ve finished my reviews for Tuxedo Mask and Mamoru Chiba, I’m going to give my top ten favorite anime romance storylines ev

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