Sailor Mercury

Who is Sailor Mercury?

Sailor Mercury also known as Ami Mizuno, is one of the main characters in the Sailor Moon manga series and anime series created by Naoko Takeuchi. She was originally voiced by Kimono Mitsubishi in the original Japanese anime, and by Kate Higgins in the English dub. The name Mercury was chosen due to the Roman god Mercury’s speed, so Sailor Mercury can run faster than the speed of light (by turning her feet into high-heels). Her powers include super-speed and running faster than light, flight, and enhanced senses like sight and hearing.

Is Sailor Mercury evil?

The Sailor Mercury known as in Japan appears in one form or another in all versions of Sailor Moon. She’s a cool and logical member of Team Moon who can make even Usage (Sailor Moon) look uncoil. It’s easy to see why Mercury may be small but she’s got brains as well as beauty! And that brainpower gives her psychic powers so strong they’re almost unbeatable.

More than any other character, Mercury stands out when it comes to fashion sense. Takeuchi designed her with thick red hair that she wears down except for two buns on either side of her head. She wears a silver collar around her neck and a matching choker around her wrist. Her eyes are green, though in some illustrations they appear blue.

As you might expect, Mercury is quick and precise in everything she does. For example, if you need something typed up fast you should call her instead of Mars (who’d probably knock over your computer). If there’s something you want to be done right away like getting your homework turned in on time—you should ask Mercury to do it.

Of course, Mercury isn’t perfect. Sometimes her perfectionism gets annoying. But overall Sailor Mercury is a great friend to have around…even if she does get caught up sometimes in details rather than looking at things more broadly like Venus does.

What is Sailor Mercury’s personality?

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Sailor Mercury’s personality is a bit different from her two other teammates. She doesn’t talk as much as they do, but she can be quite sassy and loves to point out people’s flaws. Because of her intelligence, she tends to be a bit arrogant, which makes her intimidating to those who don’t know her well. To make up for it, she often says silly things just to lighten up the mood, but when she sees something wrong going on, there’s no hesitation in letting others know how she feels about it. She can be impulsive at times and isn’t afraid to say what everyone else is thinking.

What does Sailor Mercury say?

According to Naoko Takeuchi, she’s a character who didn’t have her concept solidified until after she had already been designed. Her civilian name was chosen based on the element mercury because of its connotations of speed and fluidity Sailor Mercury feels that if Mercury doesn’t always get along with everyone, it’s mostly because she doesn’t like feeling tied down deep down though, she just wants to be friends with everyone.

Despite being one of Moon and Jupiter’s future children in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, it seems that Naoko Takeuchi never officially wrote a backstory for them and they were not included in Codename: Sailor V due to an editorial decision made by Kodansha which prohibited any storylines outside of Codename: Sailor V. There are no plans to include them in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon or any other new stories.

However, their names along with Mars and Venus are mentioned once in Codename: Sailor V when Rei Hino mentions that she knows someone named Kino Makoto which could be a reference to either Jupiter or Mars. Also, it is said that there will be no more stories involving Haruka Tenoh, Sailor Uranus or Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon since Naoko Takeuchi considers those characters fully grown up at the present time although she has stated in her official website that she will continue writing about them for as long as people want her to.

Is Sailor Mercury weak?

Sailor Mercury said that she’s weak, but I think we need to remember that she’s a problem solver. She goes in with her brain and her wit rather than brute strength. What does that tell you about her character? Think it through before you answer. Also, just because someone isn’t physically strong doesn’t mean they aren’t strong of mind or heart.

Maybe she doesn’t punch down buildings, but she stands up for what’s right—does that ring true to you as well? How so? Just because she’s not an aggressive fighter doesn’t mean she can’t be a great role model. Who do you look up to? Why are they important to you? Do their strengths differ from yours or do they share similar traits?

Is there anything that makes them more alike than different Sailor Venus Are there things that make both characters stronger (or weaker)? It’s okay if your answers change over time that’s part of learning! Just try thinking critically about why people might say certain things and take everything into consideration before jumping on board either way.

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