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The History of Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn, also known as Hotaru Tomoe, was created by Naoko Takeuchi in 1992 and debuted in the first season of Sailor Moon anime in 1993. Saturn can be found in many other spin-off series including Codename Sailor V and Sailor Moon Crystal. To find out more about this obscure character read on! Here are five interesting facts about this powerful sailor guardian.

Is Sailor Saturn the strongest?

This is debatable. The Outer Senshi, in general, are stronger than their Inner Senshi counterparts. But no one can argue that Sailor Saturn’s powers are tremendous and she is able to destroy a planet with her Death Reborn Revolution attack (she also gets more powerful if there is more death around her), while others have only destroyed small areas. It all depends on your point of view.

For instance, when Chibiusa asks why she doesn’t just use her attack on Nehellenia, Saturn replies that it would cause too much pain for everyone concerned, and if she did, evil would reign over Earth forever. This shows that despite being the strongest, she uses her powers judiciously for what would be for the greater good. She has also shown herself to be quite strong physically as well.

Sailor Saturn was able to carry two people at once (Usagi and Mamoru) as well as being capable of carrying Pegasus by herself, even though he was not transformed into his human form at that time. Uranus replies Yeah! I’m sure Saturn could beat us both up! Furthermore, some fans believe that because Pluto is so powerful and possesses such an important talisman/key item—the Garnet Orb—that if they were to fight together they would be unstoppable.

However, whether or not these beliefs are true remains unknown because we don’t know how strong each of them really are. What we do know is that Saturn’s attacks are extremely powerful and destructive. Her weapons include her Silence Glaive which can slice through anything, including time itself. Her Space Sword Blaster shoots out energy blasts from its tip and can cut through solid rock easily. Her most powerful weapon is the Silence Glarmer which traps enemies in a pocket dimension where time stands still.

If someone were trapped here for thousands of years, it would feel like mere seconds to them before returning back to reality where everything else had aged significantly more than they had. As mentioned above, Sailor Saturn also has immense physical strength as well as speed, making her an incredibly formidable opponent in battle. Sailor Saturn Additionally, she can travel through space using her Cosmic Teleport attack and is immune to cold temperatures. She also seems to possess precognitive abilities as evidenced by her foreknowledge of events in the future, such as warning Hotaru about being possessed by Mistress 9 long before anyone else knew about it.

While Sailor Saturn may not be considered the strongest senshi overall, she is definitely one of them and should never be underestimated. Whether you think she’s number 1 or number 10 will depend on who you ask. but regardless of which side you fall on, there’s no denying that Sailor Saturn is a force to be reckoned with!

Why is Sailor Saturn evil?

sailor saturn
           sailor saturn

Chaos then created an opposite force known as Cosmos, which brought light into existence. In order to maintain the balance between these two forces, Chaos created nine other Gods including Sailor Saturn. It’s possible that something traumatic happened during or prior to her creation perhaps some sort of event involving another God like Uranus or Neptune caused Sailor Saturn to become emotionally scarred?

We’ll never know for sure since we were never given any further information about her background beyond what was revealed in the manga series. But we do know that whatever happened caused Chibi-usa/Sailor Saturn to become completely disillusioned with life and lose all hope for happiness.

Is Sailor Saturn a boy or girl?

Akame This has been a question that many Sailor Moon fans have been debating for years, and although there isn’t an official answer, creator Naoko Takeuchi did give us some clues. When asked directly on her website if Sailor Saturn was a girl or boy, she responded with: I don’t mind people thinking he is one or the other. I think it doesn’t matter too much. He is not a woman yet, but he also doesn’t want to become a man. But I guess we could just say he is a transsexual? (laff) Oh, dear.

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Why is Sailor Saturn the most powerful?

Sailor Saturn More than simply a transformation, becoming Sailor Saturn grants Chibi-Usa greater magical power and control. She is able to use her Space Sword, which she uses to channel her powers. The first time that she uses it in front of Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon, it glows yellow (the others’ weapons normally glow white). Usagi asks if that was one of their legendary attacks (like Jupiter Thunderbolt), and Chibi-Usata says it’s not; It’s my own special attack.

This scene takes place after she becomes Super Sailor Chibi-Moon for the first time, implying that she must be transformed into Super Sailor Saturn before using her most powerful attacks. Her sword can also emit an energy blast called Dead Scream, which is so powerful that even Queen Beryl was surprised by its destructive force. Dead Scream can destroy anything except other Outer Senshi, but it drains all of Chibi-Usa’s energy when used. In addition to being able to sense negative energy, like all Senshi can do, she has precognitive abilities, though they are limited compared to those of Neo-Queen Serenity and Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn herself.

Her powers are awakened by coming into contact with another person’s Pure Heart Crystal. As Sailor Saturn, she is able to use her planetary weapon: Silence Glaive Surprise, which allows her to kill or injure someone no matter how far away from them she is. However, as shown in Act 44 of Stars , there are some limitations: If someone dies too quickly from the injury inflicted by Silence Glaive Surprise (as happens when Nephrite died instantly from his injuries), then Chibi-Usa will die as well due to a curse placed on both her and Nephrite’s Crystals at birth.

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