sasha blouse

The Story of Sasha Blouse

Sasha Blouse was the shy and quiet girl from the 104th Training Corps who was friends with Ymir and Krista, along with the rest of their group. When it came time to transfer into the Military Police Brigade, she was elected leader of her squad by her peers even though Krista was in the same squad. She fought bravely during the Battle of Trost and was one of the few to survive after Eren’s transformation into a Titan.

Who kills Sasha’s blouse?

The Beast Titan kills Sasha Blouse by snapping her neck and brutally stomping on her head. She is also partially eaten as well. It was one of Eren’s most devastating moments in his life, along with when he found out that his mother died, and when he saw Mikasa get kidnapped by Reiner. It was so brutal that it caused him to go into a mindless rage mode where he broke free from his restraints, grabbed a nearby rifle, and started attacking Titans without any regard for his own safety. He even charged at Bertholdt Hoover after killing several Titans but was stopped when Jean Kirstein tackled him to stop him from going any further.

After regaining his senses, Eren mourned Sasha’s death. Despite knowing that she had been killed by an enemy Titan and not a human soldier like he initially thought, Eren still blamed himself for her death since if he hadn’t been captured then she would still be alive today. Sasha Blouse led to another rift between him and Armin who reminded him that it wasn’t his fault since they were both victims of Annie Leonhart’s capture operation. After realizing what Armin said was true, Eren vowed to kill every single Marleyan soldier just like how their soldiers killed all those people including Sasha during their invasion of Wall Maria five years ago.

How old was Sasha’s blouse?

sasha blouse
                                  Sasha blouse

Haruka Nanase was fifteen years old when she joined. She was one of only five trainees to graduate in her class. We don’t know how long a year is in-world, but it’s safe to assume that it’s about two years, given that members of the 104th are all sixteen in their final year and they had four years before then to train. So, there you have it Sasha had been training with other members of what would become Division on Average for four years before joining up with them.

After graduating from boot camp, what happened next? After graduating from boot camp, new recruits were sent into Titan territory within Wall Maria. This was done so that they could gain real-life experience fighting Titans; however, none of them survived. The surviving trainees were then reorganized into a new squad under Commander Dot Pixie’s command the predecessor to Squad Levi. It is at this point that we see Sasha for the first time in action against the Titans.

Is Sasha’s last name Braus or blouse?

Sasha Blouse’s last name is Braus. Her full name is Sasha Braus, but she goes by her last name Braus or just Sasha. (She was never given a first name in either the manga or anime.) In Japanese, her surname contains three characters that are pronounced blouse, so some people call her that (e.g., in YouTube comments), but it would be inaccurate. Her full name in Japanese (I think) is サシャ・ブラウス Sasha Bureau.

The ブラウス bureaus are what some people wrongly call her. If you want to get technical about it, they’re both wrong. It should be spelled ブラウス burausu, which means blouse. If you want to get even more technical about it, 三角帽子 san-Kaku Boushie literally means triangle hat, and that’s how Survey Corps members refer to their uniforms as well. So technically speaking, Sasha Blouse is correct because 帽子 brush can also mean that.

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