Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian Michaelis Character Profile

Sebastian Michaelis  simply being Grell’s other half, Sebastian Michaelis is just as capable of taking care of things on his own as his partner. Known throughout the series as Ciel Phantomhive’s butler, Sebastian has become an iconic character in the anime/manga fandom and inspired the creation of dozens of fan creations based on his image and personality traits. Let’s take a look at this beloved servant and find out more about him below!

What is Sebastian Michaelis age?

Sebastian Michaelis was born on February 29, 1777, at 12:30 am in Moscow Russia. In 1806 he was 30 years old and by 1870 he is 92 years old. So Sebastian’s birthday is sometime between February 27th and March 1st.

This would make him an Aquarius since his zodiac sign is water-related. He also has an unknown birthday because no one knows how old he really is except for Ciel Phantomhive who hired him when he was 15 years old and made a contract with him. He can’t age anymore because of that so he will stay young forever as long as Ciel lives.

The Phantomhive family butler Sebastian Michaelis has been working since 15-year-old Ciel Phantomhive met Alois Tracy when they were 5-year-old children. He has been working with Ciel ever since then until now when they are both adults. He is extremely loyal to his master which makes them very close friends despite their differences in status.

They have a very good relationship and he does everything that he can to make sure that Ciel’s life goes smoothly. Sebastian was born on February 29, 1777, at 12:30 am in Moscow Russia, making him around 200 years old at first appearance in chapter one of Kuroshitsuji II, while he appears younger than 30 years old.

As time passes, it becomes apparent that he ages much slower than normal humans. His zodiac sign is water-related because it represents people who are reliable and calm most of the time but can be very aggressive when needed to be.

This fits Sebastian perfectly because he always tries to stay calm no matter what happens but if someone hurts or insults Ciel in any way, he will become very aggressive towards them and won’t stop until they get what they deserve. It also shows how devoted he is to his master because if something happened to him, there would be nothing left for Sebastian to live for anymore so being loyal to Ciel means being loyal to himself as well which proves how important his friendship with Ciel is.

What does Sebastian Michaelis call Ciel?

Sebastian Michaelis
                        Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian Michaelis refers to his contract with Ciel Phantom hive. When he contracted with Ciel, he promised to serve him until death parts them. Given that there is no known way to break a contract with a demon, that means Sebastian’s pact with Ciel is immortal. However, if Sebastian were to renounce his pact (or die), then another demon could come in and take his place in servitude. If an exorcist were able to eliminate Sebastian from existence and all other possibilities of re-contracting, though, it would be impossible for another demon to take his place as Ciel’s butler.

It should also be noted that demons can only take on one master at a time. In other words, they cannot have more than one master at any given time; however, they can enter into contracts with multiple humans simultaneously. The exact mechanics behind how contracts work are not explained very well in Black Butler or Kuroshitsuji II; however, we do know that Sebastian was required to pass on his powers and soul fragments when entering into a contract with Ciel Phantomhive because he had already made an agreement with William T.

What is Sebastian Michaelis weakness?

Sebastian has a rather warped sense of loyalty and will do anything he can to accomplish what his master asks of him. This extreme loyalty to Ciel is even more drastic when it comes to anything concerning Ciel’s parents. Not much else is known about Sebastian’s weaknesses, but because he was once human, it can be assumed that he shares many of their same weaknesses,  Megumi Fushiguro mentions that Sebastian cannot eat normal food anymore because of his long absence from being human which could imply that there are some effects on his body due to him not eating normal food for so long. However, since Sebastian seems to have adapted well to his new lifestyle as a demon, those side effects may have faded away over time.

Also in chapter 6, there is mention of how demons need blood to survive; however, they don’t necessarily need human blood as they can feed off animals or other creatures if they must. It is also mentioned in chapters 6 and 7 how demons aren’t supposed to cross over into hell (or at least Alois Trancy’s Hell) as they would be killed by other demons or captured by Alois himself.


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