Shigeo Kageyama

Who is Shigeo Kageyama

Shigeo Kageyama, otherwise known by his nickname Mob, is the titular main protagonist of the anime and webcomic manga series Mob Psycho 100. After he unknowingly develops psychic powers, he gets put into the path of many different events that lead him to accept his powers and make him into one of the strongest espers in existence.

Is Shigeo Kageyama a God?

Shigeo Kageyama It’s safe to say that Mob Psycho 100 was one of my favorite anime in 2016. And while I talked about it at length in our end-of-year post, there’s a character who didn’t get mentioned as much as he should have Mob himself. For a show full of eccentric characters and over-the-top spectacle, it’s easy to get wrapped up in everything else and forget how much development Mob goes through under his main story arc is that he gets stronger. But what makes him special isn’t how overpowered he becomes despite retaining his shonen power levels, but rather just how likable he remains throughout.


Shigeo Kageyama
                                                                   Shigeo Kageyama

He’s not perfect—he has flaws like anyone else but he works hard to overcome them every day. In many ways, Mob reminds me of myself and other people around me; people who are trying their best despite feeling like they can never quite reach their goals or be as good as they want to be. The difference between us and Mob is that we don’t have an evil spirit inside us telling us we can do better.

Is Shigeo Kageyama human?

All my life, I’ve been searching for a single answer to one question. Who am I? I was born in an unknown location to two unknown parents, and ever since that day I’ve been trying to find someone who could provide me with a satisfactory answer. That’s when I met Reigen Arataka. He called himself my master and told me he had discovered my purpose in life

Now if you are reading this then you know how ridiculous that sounds but for some reason, he was able to convince me of it! My name is Shigeo Kageyama. You may know me by my nicknames: Mob, White T-Shirt, or Mob Psycho 100.

Does Shigeo Kageyama’s brother have powers?

Byakuya Kuchiki  author of Mob Psycho 100, ONE, has said on Twitter that he never mentioned anything about a brother or sister. That leaves a lot of room for speculation as to what might happen next! There’s so much we don’t know about Mob and his powers. Could another character inherit telekinesis? Is there another psychic out there besides him who could give him trouble or offer aid in his quest to defeat Arataka Reigen and Teruki Hanazawa?

We won’t find out until episode 12 drops (unless there are more hints like ONE has been dropping), but it will be good to watch what happens when Mob and Teruki cross paths again! I think it’ll be fun to see how each man uses their power in an encounter with one another. It should also be interesting to see if any other characters come into play between them I want answers and I want them now!!! Well, maybe not now because I have homework and stuff but you get my point.

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