ShotoTodoroki – Boku no Hero Academia:

ShotoTodoroki is one of the main characters in Boku no Hero Academia and the second child of Endeavor and Cementoss, making him the younger brother of. As his name suggests, he has two Quirks; the first being the fire-based powers of his father, and the second being an ice-based power passed on from his mother, Cementoss.

Physical appearance:


The ShotoTodoroki has a slim build for his age, but is well-built. He stands at 6’2 and weights 132 lbs (enough to make him taller than most of his classmates). has quite long hair, reaching down to his neck and left loose, with bangs covering an eye. His hair was somewhat messy as a result of not having a haircut in quite some time. is considered handsome by many girls of his class. The shape of his face appears like a triangle; it also gives off an impression that he’s cold and distant most of the time.


ShotoTodoroki is a quiet and composed individual. He possesses a great deal of internal strength, which he usually suppresses in order to maintain his cool demeanor. In spite of that, occasionally lets his emotions burst out when fighting particularly strong opponents. Additionally, he has an intense dislike for bullies due to his childhood experience with them, where they would constantly beat him up and push him around. Ever since then, i tends to repress his anger so that it won’t show on his face; even so, whenever someone picks on IzukuMidoriya, he immediately snaps and lashes out at them before realizing what he’s doing.


possesses two contrasting Quirks. Half of his body, including most of his right side, can generate ice, while his left half is able to create fire. As a result, he’s been dubbed Half-Cold Half-Hot (半冷半燃HanreiHansō). While cannot directly control either element at will yet, he is able to manipulate both simultaneously and in any place by utilizing them alternatively through intention movements or body language. His Quirk combined with his natural athletic ability makes him very versatile in battle and allows him to attack from long range with well calculated methods.

Battle Style:

ShotoTodoroki is a close-range fighter who mainly relies on hand-to-hand combat. He has two Quirks that he can utilize for battle: Half Freeze and Half Ignition. Half Freeze allows Shoot to freeze his body half way through any physical attack, effectively making him intangible for a short amount of time. This makes it harder for opponents to keep track of his movements, as he can simply phase through parts of their body with ease.


ShotoTodoroki’s quirk is called Half-Cold Half-Hot. He can freeze objects by cooling their surroundings or heat them up by increasing their temperature. It was originally classified as a General Offense type of quirk but it was later reclassified as an Attack Absorption type. anime hub also has superhuman strength and speed, though he isn’t very fast in comparison to his classmates. According to his father Endeavor, Shoto’s quirk gets stronger based on how much stronger he is than his opponent. This means that if battles someone who is more powerful than him, he can never truly defeat them since they are already strong enough to withstand any attack from him.

Background (Story Arcs / Alliances / History with IzukuMidoriya)

ShotoTodoroki was born as one of two children to Endeavor, a man who took Quirk Inheritance and its laws very seriously. He fell in love with fellow Quirk Inheritor another man who took their father’s words very seriously. Though his father would oppose their relationship due to both of them being men, they stayed together until Shoto was born. When Endeavor learned that he had a son with Natsuo instead of a daughter like he wanted, he cast Natsuo out and told him to never come back.


ShotoTodoroki is a student of class 1-A and is Midoriya’s senior by a year. He comes from a prestigious hero family: his father Endeavor was one of Japan’s greatest heroes until his defeat to All Might. As such, was expected to become a hero better than his father. Because of his ability over ice, he quickly became known as The Hero Killer. In reality, Shoto did not wish to be like that, but ended up losing control over his power when he tried to save others. At some point, he developed an animosity toward Izuku for always being praised by All Might while being ignored by him.


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