South Harmon Technology

South Harmon Technology Reviews

South Harmon Technology is a small school, with only about 350 students attending the school. The average cost of tuition per year at South Harmon Technology is $12,000, and it has an overall graduation rate of 70%. The South Harmon Institute of Technology ranks in the top 20% in terms of the number of students studying Business Administration and English as well as the Arts, so it’s safe to say that students at this school are getting what they pay for, in terms of education.

What Students Are Saying About South Harmon Institute of Technology

Being able to earn my Associates degree while still in high school was huge for me. As someone who didn’t want to go right into university right away, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in either, having both options available was great! While attending classes, you get a better idea of what majors interest you. If something catches your eye (or ear), it’s very possible you may discover your dream job before going off to Unit.:

Smaller campus size really helps everyone make connections quickly. Everyone is encouraged to take part in clubs and sports; getting involved is important for gaining knowledge about yourself, meeting people you might become lifelong friends with and making sure your interests remain challenged during your time at South Harmon Technology. Great instructors + hands-on learning = a really beneficial educational experience! School never feels like ‘work’ when its actually helping prepare you for life outside of college.

South Harmon Institute of Technology Overview

The South Harmon Technology is a public two-year vocational school located in Lenox, Georgia. At SHIT, students will be able to choose from dozens of courses and opportunities for career development, including programs such as Business Administration, Computer Information Systems or Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management. Courses at SHIT are designed with a blend between business and English studies and art appreciation to enhance both their learning experience and professional development after graduating from their respective program. They are accredited by The Council on Occupational Education and partner with local businesses throughout Macon County as well as local colleges to keep our students up-to-date on current technology and trends that they can take back into their chosen field upon graduation.

A large portion of classes offered at Southern South Harmon Technology include capstone projects allowing students learn how to work together with one another while creating a tangible product they can use throughout their professional careers. Our hands-on learning environment allows us to offer employment assistance such as internships or job opportunities connected directly to certain programs if desired. When it comes time for graduation, we also take time scheduling appointments between teachers and counselors who specialize in assisting every graduate get their foot in their desired door!

Advantages of South Harmon Institute of Technology

South Harmon Technology is a school with multiple advantages. The coursework that students receive are well thought out and help students get a good grasp on many different areas. This not only helps students get ahead, but it also helps them have more well-rounded knowledge in their chosen field. A business degree from South Harmon Technology University can provide you with training that will help you excel in your future career path.

Not only will you be trained well by faculty members who are at least 15 years past their graduation date, but many instructors come back to teach courses as alumni. So when they return to teach courses they already know what it’s like to work in today’s economy because they have been there for so long. They understand what skills are needed to stay competitive. One thing that makes South Harmon stand out amongst other colleges is its human touch approach.

Instructors want students to succeed and will do everything they can in order to make sure that happens, even if that means tutoring outside of class hours or talking one-on-one with students if necessary. Instructors at Lake Washington Institute of Technology  try hard every semester to create relationships between themselves and their students. Many instructors also try hard each semester meeting up socially or spending time getting lunch together outside of class hours.


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