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Spear Education offers Continuing Education for Dental Professionals

Spear Education ation strives to provide dental professionals with continuing education opportunities that are both relevant and valuable to the everyday practitioner. Spear Education understands the challenges of staying on top of ever-changing industry standards and regulations, and Spear Education offers dental professionals an opportunity to stay at the top of their game in their respective fields with their array of courses, workshops, and webinars that cover a wide range of topics in dentistry today.

Spear Education Offers CE Courses From Leading Experts

The Spear Education is  a leading provider of continuing education courses for dentists and dental hygienists, announced it is offering CE courses from two of today’s most popular lecturers in implant dentistry. Dr. Henry Silverman, one of only five board-certified clinical specialists in oral implants logy by the American Board of Oral Implant logy and one of only three Fellows of The International Congress on Implant Dentistry (FICID) will present Modern Implants and Their Applications.

We’re proud to partner with such accomplished professionals and look forward to providing continued success for our audience. As more patients become educated consumers who demand evidence-based solutions and current information before making treatment decisions, Spear Education has expanded its course offerings based on interest in keeping up with new technologies and techniques, said Jennifer Murphy Browning, Manager of Marketing for Spear . We aim to give practicing dentists relevant information that builds confidence in their ability to stay abreast of developing trends within their profession.

One survey found that 40 percent of people would pay between $600 and $900 per tooth if replacement cost no more than $1,000 allowing many successful doctors to make quite a lucrative income removing wisdom teeth. Today’s dentist should be equipped with useful tips on how they can successfully manage their practice  including skill sets needed not just to treat patients effectively but to grow your own business rapidly while maintaining positive relationships along your journey toward achieving true financial freedom.

Spear Education Goes Beyond The Level Of Traditional PD Programs

Most continuing education providers have one goal: to keep their customers. However, Spear Education has a different objective. Education’s goal is to make sure that dentists have all of the knowledge they need to excel in dentistry. Their philosophy is to help aspiring and striving professionals meet their dental challenges head on by giving them access to educational programs that are tailored specifically to them and their individual needs.

When you choose  as your partner for continuing education, you don’t just get any old course or random lecture series; instead you choose much more than that. You choose over 60 years of combined experience helping clients reach their highest potential professionally while also making new connections along the way. The value you receive from spear goes beyond attaining a certificate upon completion of one or more programs spear creates endless opportunities for its clients through annual learning summits. By attending summits and interacting with other professionals in person, they have access to an informal atmosphere where they can share ideas and engage in productive discussion.

It is at these events that clients have even more tools at their disposal to excel both personally and professionally. From small meetings where they can share personal stories to large events where large crowds of like-minded professionals gather in order to learn, interact and network, there are countless ways to develop relationships that will help take your career to a whole new level.

Spear Education Is A Collaborative Community

Spear  is one of a kind dental continuing education platform. We exist to help passionate dentists learn, teach and share best practices in dentistry. Spear was created with purpose – to enable you to transform your practice by providing you with courses that support your clinical expertise, empower your professional confidence and nourish your intellectual curiosity.

We provide only courses that improve patient outcomes through clear communication, state-of-the-art science and evidence based techniques delivered by top faculty from leading institutions around the world. It’s our mission to continue delivering high quality spoto aws content that makes a difference in people’s lives, it’s why we do what we do every day.

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