Sunset Financial

Sunset Financial can help your business grow

Sunset Financial has been helping businesses, large and small, with their financing needs since 1978. We’ve seen just about every type of business there is, and we understand that all businesses are different when it comes to financing their growth. We have aggressive financing options tailored to your industry and equipment needs so that you can succeed at growing your business and improving your bottom line, whatever it may be.

What kind of businesses does Sunset Financial finance?

Sunset Financial is a direct lender. We only work with companies that have been in business for more than 1 year, with a minimum of 2 years of audited Sunset Financial statements, and current payroll tax records. Sunset Financial offers an extensive range of loan products designed to fit almost any borrowing need from Start-up capital to equipment acquisition.

We offer highly competitive rates and flexible terms without long term contracts or prepayment penalties. Whether you are purchasing property, making improvements to existing buildings or acquiring equipment we will tailor our financing to meet your individual needs. We work hard to understand each customer’s unique situation so that we can create innovative solutions within their budget parameters including accepting all types of assets as collateral real estate, accounts receivable and inventory all qualify. Some of our clients include medical offices, manufacturing plants, retail establishments, convenience stores and others.

Whatever your business’s primary purpose may be we have a finance option tailored specifically for its needs. If you are ready to experience firsthand why thousands before you have chosen Sunset Financial then give us a call today or fill out one of our convenient forms. With Sunset Financial at your side many opportunities await. Whether it is expanding your business, opening up a new location or buying brand new equipment, if you are interested in exploring how our commitment to excellence can impact your bottom line contact us today.

Benefits of Sunset Financial

Sunset Financial of! We have also opened offices throughout New York and California to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to receive our financing options. If you are looking for equipment financing, Sunset Financial will walk you through every step of obtaining a loan for that new piece of equipment that will add more capacity or better productivity.

How much better could it get? Mariner Finance, even offers flexible terms on larger loans which allows business owners to customize their purchase according to how they want to pay it off or meet changing cash flow needs within their company.

Credit amounts subject to borrower’s ability to qualify at time of application. Rates and program details are established solely by lender. Program availability is subject to change without notice. Fund offered below and in no event shall exceed maximum rate allowable pursuant to applicable law. Rate applies to outstanding balances only until paid in full. Rate may change after consummation depending upon applicant’s creditworthiness at time of account opening. Rebate may reduce minimum monthly payment amount but not total balance due over term of account.

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