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Toga Himiko

Himiko Toga is not only an original character to the series, but one of the more sinister villains seen in My Hero Academia so far. First introduced as part of the League of Villains, Toga Himiko role was further expanded when she joined ShigarakiTomura’s Vanguard Action Squad, who have caused much destruction during their encounters with Class 1-A and 1-B heroes.

Overview of her powers and personality:

Toga Himiko is a Quirk thief, meaning she can steal someone’s Quirk and use it to her own ends. This is of course only possible through combat – she cannot just sneak up on someone and give them a friendly handshake to take their Quirk. A good comparison for Toga Himiko’s abilities would be Dabi from My Hero Academia, although Dabi’s powers are more similar to another well-known character named Stain. This similarity means that people tend to look down on Toga Himiko for being nothing special, even though she has taken more Quirks than any other villain in history.

Before we can take a look at her motivations and personality, we need to get an idea of what her Quirk is exactly. We know that she steals a person’s Quirk once she has them pinned down with some sort of blunt weapon, most likely a bat. The person then undergoes some sort of transformation as their body changes and white hair grows all over their body.

Their eyes turn completely black as well, but Toga Himiko doesn’t undergo any similar physical change. It is not known whether or not Quirks affect people in any way when they are stolen by Himiko, which means it’s possible that there is more than one way for her to steal a Quirk.

Why she might be the next MomoYaoyorozu:

toga himiko
                                   Toga Himiko

She is extremely intelligent and a valuable asset to her team. If she can put aside any personal disagreements with Stain, she might become an excellent ally for Stain. Plus, she seems to have a similar personality to Momo and even has a very similar name.

She could be seen as Stain’s version of Momo which means there may be potential to see her in future issues. It would not come as much of a surprise if she started appearing in more chapters down the line and possibly becoming one of his major allies along with Spinner who is also affiliated with him.

She is incredibly intelligent and dedicated to her work. Stain even described her as too smart for [her] own good at one point in time. She was dedicated enough to carry out his evil plans for him, even though Toga Himiko didn’t necessarily agree with them.

In fact, Toga Himikodid her best to help Stain achieve his goals but was overcome by All Might in their final battle with each other. Despite her intelligence, it would seem that she is still willing to work alongside Stain and may still have some respect for him despite everything he has done and said up until now. This could mean that she might be swayed into joining forces with him again sometime in future issues or chapters since they both want to put an end to society as we know it right now.

Similarities between her and other characters:

The League of Villains have a habit of playing with words, and so far their leader TomuraShigaraki has only used people’s names. To change that habit up and perhaps lead to some foreshadowing, there should be an instance where another villain uses his or her last name.

That villain is most likely going to be Toga Himiko, who is a younger student at U.C. High School that adores Shigaraki—and she’s already made a deal with him. She wants to study Shigaraki’s Quirk in order to help him reach his full potential as a villain…but if Shigaraki knows she plans on using her own Quirk against him one day, why would he let her get close enough?

How she can be used in stories:

The Vanguard Action Squad is an ever-changing group of villains in My Hero Academia, which means that new characters constantly enter and exit as we learn more about them. Every villain’s goals are different and their personalities can clash, but one thing that remains consistent is that they are all strong on their own. The question then becomes whether or not they will be able to work together long enough to enact whatever evil plan they may have come up with.

Given her background in organized crime and unique personality, I can see some potential for dynamic storytelling with What is a OVA anime? If she were to enter into a villain group, how would she interact with other members? Would she be at odds with others given her personality and goals?

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