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Top Online Games of 2021 Like F95 Zone

Top Online Games of 2021 Like F95 Zone

Playing online has an almost therapeutic aspect, especially among teenagers, who in addition to entertaining themselves, use this mode to keep in touch with their peers. Here is a list of the most popular titles of the moment.

Today, talking about a popular online video game is synonymous with Fortnite . Any parent with pre-adolescent children knows this. F95zone, Many times it is not understood, but Fortnite , along with another handful of online video games, have been transformed into true virtual public squares where, in addition to playing, strategies are generated to try to defeat opponents and incidentally a whole camaraderie between participants, quite healthy to grow, especially in quarantine. The new generations, born in multitasking , can easily do both at the same time.

But before the boom of the last 12 months, where video games have naturally emerged as one of the most consumed entertainment formats in times of domestic protection, new titles have also appeared that, little by little, took into account the popular and ultra profitable model of the ‘real battles’, those where the last player standing is the winner, on maps that gradually shrink. F95 zone Today they are practically a subgenre or, rather, a whole business model.

Online video games: fun with social distance

When reviewing the data from the Steam platform – the most visited and used PC video game store on the planet – it can be seen that the most popular online games are more or less the same as ever, with some variations.

For example, according to data from the portal, the most played title in recent months is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , the popular and veteran first-person shooter group game, which has reached more than a million players playing as simultaneously, and only on PC.

f95 zon, Then it is followed by other classics, such as Dota 2 , Player’s Unlknown Battleground (or PUBG , the title that originally started the battle royale fever), Grand Theft Auto 5 , the fireproof League of Legends and the old and dear Team Fortress , among many others.

A year ago, on these very pages, we made a list of the most popular online video games of that time. But the topic has expanded. Both to consoles and mobile devices. F95 zone, In that sense, there is already a whole new generation of titles that little by little have begun to captivate young and old, regardless of the platform.

F95 Zone
F95 Zone

Apex legends

Published in 2019 by the giant Electronic Arts, and developed by the same original creators of Call of Duty , Apex Legends is an interesting and effective variation on the real battle genre. Set in a sci-fi setting (the same universe as the Titanfall saga ), with a first-person view and graphics somewhat less cartoonish than the competition, the game features the same familiar dynamic: up to 20 threesomes or 30 duos land in one Island. F95 zone, Once on the ground, you have to use weapons and defenses to eliminate the rest of the opponents, while the map is compressed, until only one team is left standing. It currently has more than 100 million active players.

It is free, it is available absolutely on all platforms and best of all: it allows cross-play , that is, a user playing on a Nintendo Switch can have a game simultaneously with someone who is playing on a PlayStation or PC. Pure digital democracy. And for next year there will be a version especially for mobile devices.

F95 Zon
F95 Zon

Call of Duty: Warzone

The legendary and recognized first-person shooter war series, developed by Activision, also has its “real battle” version since 2020 with Warzone , a kind of annex to the stories of the saga, free to download, and available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, in all its versions. Up to 150 users can play simultaneously and it also allows cross-play between platforms. F95zone, The rules are practically the same, but of course, with graphics and a flavor that is already more familiar to the vast majority of gamers.

It has three game modes available, team or solo. And as often happens with these types of games, to keep the interest of its user base, Call of Duty: Warzone presents the progress of its activities from seasons, almost as if it were a TV series, with news, new maps , weapons, etc. Until December, it had more than 85 million active users, a figure that must have certainly increased. And beware that there is also the version for mobile devices , of course free.

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