ToukaKirishima was born in the 24th ward and lived with her older brother, Nishio. When she was young, Touka and her family were part of the ghoul restaurant Kirishima. After her parents died when she was nine years old, ToukaKirishima dropped out of middle school and became the head of the household while her brother entered high school, supporting him by working odd jobs such as cleaning and being a waiter at Anteiku.

Her hobbies and interests:

Touka’s hobbies include karaoke, swimming, and horseback riding. She is also fond of fashion and is particularly good at sewing. ToukaKirishima appears to have a particular fondness for cosplaying, frequently donning a variety of costumes when relaxing or killing time. In several instances throughout both series, she has been seen wearing cosplay outfits based on those worn by KureoMado and Haise Sasaki.

Touka also enjoys reading, owning a vast collection of books and audiobooks. She also reads aloud to her teammates at Anteiku as a way to help them improve their literacy skills. In addition, she takes great pride in her hair and regularly schedules hair care appointments for herself and AyatoKirishima. During times of leisure, ToukaKirishima often works on sewing various outfits or cosplay outfits for herself and others. As a result, she is an accomplished seamstress and frequently creates her handmade clothing; having tailored outfits for both Ken Kaneki and Haise Sasaki before they joined Anteiku.

Her personality, sense of humor, and voice in Japanese anime:


Touka has a tsun personality and is considered an introvert because she is not very talkative. She’s also shy but she knows how to manage her timidness whenever it’s necessary. Even though ToukaKirishima has a hard time talking to people, her charisma makes you like her immediately and feel comfortable in her presence. She isn’t good at being straightforward with people or even making eye contact with them but with Hinami, ToukaKirishima shows another side of herself; she’s caring and protective of Hinami to the point where their relationship could be seen as that of a mother and daughter. She cares deeply for those around her, especially Kaneki, and thinks he is too fragile physically and mentally.

Her voice actress is Chika Anzai and she’s a well-known Japanese voice actress who had been in lots of successful anime including Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood as WinryRockbell, Nisekoi as ChitogeKirisaki, Fairy Tail Zero as Happy, YoujoSenki as Tanya Degurechaff and World Trigger as Kyou Kai. Touka’s personality seems to match perfectly with her voice. She always sounds cold and dead serious but when she talks with Hinami or Kaneki her voice shows tenderness. It makes you feel like she’s more fragile than before. Her sense of humor is mostly related to sarcasm but it only shows up when someone attacks her or insults one of her friends.

Why did she become a ghoul?

Touka decided to become a ghoul when her friend, YorikoKosaka, was killed by Aogiri Tree and she was filled with rage over Yoriko’s death. She attacked KureoMado and fought him, but became desperate and soon fled. After escaping she met Kaneki at Anteiku who took her to his place where he shared his food with her. ToukaKirishima then vowed to become stronger to protect people who cannot protect themselves by joining Anteiku as a waitress. As time passed  HashiramaSenju  formed a romantic relationship with Kaneki and began acting more affectionate toward him such as holding hands or being jealous of RizeKamishiro.

Touka was born into a family of butchers, and her mother died when she was young. Touka began eating human meat at age 15 to survive after being kicked out of her house by her father. She soon realized that it gave her great strength, allowing her to easily overpower other ghouls and humans. After fighting many battles she became emotionally detached from any living thing, living like a ghoul rather than being one. However, Kaneki’s caring nature caused Touka to fall in love with him and form a close bond with him, coming to treat him as something like a family member rather than just a friend or lover.

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