The Rise of Trunks

A Trunks the Earthling and Saiyan hybrid son of Bulma and Vegeta, has recently been seen in Dragon Ball Super. As he continues to grow as an individual and fighter, it’s important to see how he fits into the overall Dragon Ball story and why his potential success as an individual will ultimately make him an even more important player in the series overall. Let’s take a look at Trunks’ role in this current arc and what that means for his future.

What is Trunks full name?

Trunks Briefs which is ironic because he’s not that brief. In fact, he’s probably the bulkiest character in Dragon Ball Z. I mean, just look at him! He’s tall and has a large frame. Not to mention his long hair and flowing cape. It makes sense though since Vegeta was always known for being a bit of a show-off when it came to his strength and size – but it also makes him an easy target for villains who are looking to take down someone with a high power level.

This means Trunks’ life is never dull. And if you think about it, even though he’s technically a hybrid between two alien races Saiyans and Earthlings, as well as half Saiyan/half-human (which technically puts him on par with Gohan), he actually looks more like Goku than any other hybrid we’ve seen before or after him (Vegetto aside). Trunks So what does that make him? A Super Saiyan? A demi-Saiyan? A full-blooded Saiyan? Or something else entirely? One thing’s for sure: he’ll be a powerhouse no matter what race he belongs to.

What are Trunks powers?

Trunks The power to fuse with people or animals, resulting in a new warrior of his own kind. The first person he has fused with is Goten, forming Trunk. He is also able to turn into a Super Saiyan 2 (SSJ2). He can also transform into other beings like his mother when she becomes an adult.

Later on in life, he learned how to fly. Also, later on, Trunks gains two new forms named Beast and Super Beast, respectively from fusing with Vegeta’s brother Tarble and then Golden Ooze form from Bulma. In Dragon Ball GT, he gained another transformation called Super Trunks after being resurrected by Sharon. His ultimate transformation is Fusion Reborn which allows him to combine with Gotenks.

In Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai – Another Road, he gained another transformation called Mystic due to being trained by Future Gohan and Future Piccolo for three years before meeting Gout at King Kai’s planet during Cell Games Saga again. Trunks’ childhood: Trunks was born as a hybrid between the human and Saiyan race, thus he possessed some traits of both races.

As a baby, he had black hair just like his father but as he grew older it turned golden blonde just like his mother. When he was only 4 years old, Trunks witnessed Goku sacrificing himself against Frieza while battling on Namek Planet so that Earthlings could live in peace once more.

Was Trunks born a Super Saiyan?


To answer that question, we first have to know how Super Saiyans are born. There are two versions to that story: One says they’re born when they feel a huge amount of stress and anger, while others say they’re born when a human and a Saiyan mate.

But even if those who believe Saiyans can get pregnant can put their differences aside long enough to agree on their theory, there’s still another issue to consider: What about Vegeta? How could he be a father if he’s dead? Well, for one thing, remember that time his ghost was haunting King Kai’s planet.

That is just one instance in which he came back as an undead being. However, I don’t think it’s possible for him to actually impregnate Bulma.Trunks So what does that mean? It means Vegeta has been training Trunks all along from beyond. He has always been with him.

All Saiyans inherit their fathers’ powers, so he must have been teaching them how to use them since day one! He must’ve had some sort of mental connection with him because there were times when Trunks seemed like he knew what his dad wanted before he said anything.

In fact, every time I see them together, it looks like they are having a conversation without words. However, I’m not sure if it’s because they’re both telepathically connected or because Vegeta has always been watching over him from beyond.

How does Saiyans get S cells?

Saiyans can get S cells in two ways. The first way is by battle, these are called S cells in training. When a Saiyan fights an opponent and wins they will absorb their power through their Kim and then their DNA.

This absorption causes them to go threw special changes as Saiyans that have S Cells gain new abilities and increase their power every time they absorb another set of S Cells, eventually causing them to go mad and turn into Super Saiyan. The second way for Saiyans to gain S Cells is with king Kai’s help on his planet where he has his Genkai garden. In it, you can plant your own fruit which when mature gives you S Cells.

If a Saiyan absorbs more than 6 sets of S Cells they become a Golden Great Ape which is much stronger than any other form but also goes insane and turns into an Ooze (A giant monkey). If they absorb 9 sets of S Cells they lose control over themselves but do not turn evil instead becoming pure good like Guru did during Dragon Ball GT when he absorbed all nine sets of S cells so that he could stop Omega Shearson from destroying Earth.


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