UchihaSasuke, The Heir

In the anime, UchihaSasuke (うちはサスケ) is one of the last surviving members of Konohagakure’sUchiha clan. His family was killed when he was still young, and he was later trained by his older brother, UchihaItachi to become an assassin. He became one of the strongest shinobi ever since, until NarutoUzumaki — with help from the other villagers — convinces him to leave his quest for revenge and find peace within himself.

Uchiha Clan History

Every UchihaSasuke is born with a special ability called the Sharingan Eye. This allows each member to react at lightning speed and perceive their surrounding environment. However, it seems that clan members were also given a little more than that.

It turns out that every first-born son in every generation was given a special power called Eternal MangekyouSharingan (Eternal 曼荼羅万華鏡写輪眼) which allowed them to fully utilize their Sharingan at any time of their life. There are said to be only four members left who possess Eternal MangekyouSharingan and has managed to unlock his as well by himself through intense training!

Early Life

Like all members of his clan, grew up in darkness. His village had been burned to ashes and he has lost both parents by time he was five years old. The Uchiha clan for generations was known for their incredible fire-based ninjutsu: Amaterasu. With it they would set their enemies ablaze with but a mere flick of their hand.

They were also incredibly gifted in genjutsu: Tsukuyomi; trapping you in an illusion from which there was no escape from. But despite all these powers granted to them they were not invincible and on that fateful night when his entire family perished at his feet did young realize how vulnerable they really were.

Sharingan Awakening


The Sharingan is initially awakened by Kakashi during a fight with Amachi in order to copy one of his Lightning Release: False Darkness. After he realizes that UchihaSasuke’s Sharingan can see Chakra Flow and thus read Amachi’s movements, Kakashi decides to train him in its use until he can awaken it on his own.

In Part II, after three years of training Naruto has developed into a more capable ninja as a result of continued hard work. Meanwhile Orochimaru uses what remains of Danzo’s arms with genetic material from Hashirama to transplant onto himself and give him new arms that have been enhanced with Hashirama’s cells giving them an appearance like White Zetsu’s arms.

First Mission

When Naruto first entered Konoha and was assigned to Team 7,  anime hub became his rival because of their similar ages, talents, and goals. However, unbeknownst to Naruto at that time was that Sarutobi had intended for them to become friends.

When Naruto revealed to Sakura Haruno his dream of becoming Hokage, she mocked him for it; instead encouraged him to follow his own dreams. As a result of Orochimaru’s defection from Konoha in order to gather power by means of offering his services as a ninja for hire, Danzo demanded that KakashiHatake assassinate Orochimaru before he can leave Konoha.

Team Kakashi Training Exams:

Kakashi and his team comprising of sakura, naruto and come up with a number of training exercises to teach their students teamwork. Some of these include: painting a map of an area in order to go on a treasure hunt; setting off fireworks in time to music; or working together to create a larger version of themselves by taking turns adding details.

It’s not always clear what will happen or why they do certain things—but it’s important that your students understand their purpose is to learn how to work together effectively. So if you have lots of ideas but aren’t sure which ones are best, run them by your supervisor/team lead for advice and let them pick which one works best for your situation.

Chunin Exam Finals

UchihaSasuke has been fighting his way through a series of tests in order to become a chunin. With one last test left before he graduates from ninja school and gets promoted to chunin rank, he must defeat his main rival in battle: Gaara. is determined not to let his rival win; however, he ends up paralyzed after being hit by Gaara’s sand.

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