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Uplift Education, we are dedicated to improving educational outcomes across the country. We create innovative schools and we partner with educators, community leaders, politicians, and parents to make sure that every child has access to an excellent education, regardless of their zip code or family’s income level. By creating public charter schools in both urban and rural communities, we ensure that every child in America has access to the same quality of education provided at the most elite private prep schools.

An Overview of Uplift Education:

The Uplift Education is a public charter school network that was founded as North Hills Preparatory School in Irving. The system has seven schools with over 9500 students and a student body that is 40% Hispanic or Latino and 45% economically disadvantaged. The goal of Uplift schools is to enrich education by providing students with opportunities for transformative learning experiences and growth. Since starting their first campus in 2009, Uplift Education has continued to grow and open more campuses throughout Texas. Each location hosts small class sizes, which allow teachers to get to know each student personally.

Uplift Education Also important are relationships between teachers at each level. Therefore, underclassmen learn from upperclassmen who serve as tutors before becoming mentors once they have received their degree themselves. Currently, Uplift supports nearly ten thousand learners across six states  Florida Illinois , Virginia, Minnesota and California . All locations employ cutting-edge technology used across all grade levels and offers focused individualized attention on college readiness while emphasizing community service work experience activities.

This allows educators to bring out passions in children, support diverse learning styles and ultimately provide an environment where every child can succeed. In addition it is also ranked among National Research Corporation’s list of top 50 Best Charter High Schools in America along with having been awarded PCS Network Magazine’s School of Distinction Award.

With continued success, it remains driven to provide high quality innovative programs that prepare scholars for college graduation while cultivating positive social change through community outreach participation.

Through a digital platform, the backbone of both organizational management and digital infrastructure helps users create instructional curriculum for grades, Integrating elements like performance assessments, portfolios and project narratives into core content areas like English language arts, mathematics science and history social studies via powerful platforms like Google Apps Drive & Microsoft One Drive allows instructors to make professional collaborations easier than ever before.

Our newly redesigned mobile app gives students access to grades assignments updates info about upcoming events empowering them with knowledge about what is happening at school each day! While personalized coaching through Advisory Sessions helps ensure each scholar completes homework assignments successfully managing time effectively so they can become better organized young adults. In order to prevent cheating, Uplift Education has integrated Pretoria’s exam integrity solutions. Teachers and administrators have full control over tests and quizzes by setting parameters such as time limits, number of attempts and retakes per session.

Timelines display progress rates allowing staff to identify irregularities quickly allowing for intervention before student scores are affected adversely. Additionally, live monitoring enables teachers to identify students who may be exhibiting signs of stress that could lead to cheating whether intentional or unintentional.

What are the benefits?

The goal of Uplift Education is to give every child a chance to succeed in life. In pursuit of that mission, it’s our obligation as teachers and educational leaders to ensure that every kid has access to high-quality learning opportunities. That’s why Uplift was founded to provide innovative models of excellence in education where they are most needed at their schools; and right here in Dallas County.

Uplift Education, By fostering an environment of inclusion and support, giving students a say in their daily experience at school and encouraging critical thinking about social issues, we help prepare students for success in college or career – all while still providing them with a rigorous curriculum focused on reading and math skills.

We believe these experiences shape young people into effective citizens who will help solve some of society’s biggest challenges tomorrow. And we believe that every kid should have access to them: regardless of whether they can afford private tuition; regardless of what neighborhood they live in; regardless if English isn’t spoken at home.

We envision an entire community uplifted by an excellent United Credit Education Services, and we want you to be part of that dream! As a Lead Teacher/Site Leader, you will serve as a passionate leader in helping make sure that happens. You’ll do so by supporting classroom instructors with lesson planning, curriculum development and professional development activities designed to advance teacher effectiveness through collaboration.

How does it work?

Uplift Education is based on a model called socio-educational transformation. The idea is that a student needs more than just quality academic instruction he or she also needs social and emotional support from adults who act as role models and counselors. To that end, trimester system where students take classes for about three months before taking a break for two weeks.

Feinberg doesn’t seem worried about competition either: We hope when we reach scale we’ll still have better results, he said. When I asked him if he thinks someone else could replicate what Uplift has done at another district, Feinberg replied with an emphatic no: Our stuff is super custom.

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